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In case the acronym doesn’t make sense, let me explain. Just when you thought the shopping was over, just when you thought it wasn’t humanly possible to get a larger discount, you come across a banner like this. And when a banner like this appears, there are brave souls who will heed the call of duty. I was actually going to write a story about this but even you, my loyal readers, must tire from hearing me go on incessantly about the shopping escapades. All I can say is TGIFO…. thank god it’s finally over. I have driven my last carload of women to the mall. Twenty one days in a row. I am NOT lying. I embellish when required but I never lie. Well maybe once in a while.

This will be my last post from Florida other than my Saturday story. You might remember my good friend Becky from the Shell service station in one of my earlier posts. Becky will have her moment in the sun tomorrow If you have young children who read my stories , please keep them away from the computer because I use a bad name to describe Becky. Bitch. Sorry, but sometimes you just have to call it the way you sees it.

I have sent along a few pictures from our vacation. We spend a lot of time at the railing, looking out over the Gulf of Mexico. We meet all kinds of lovely people from many parts of the world. We all exchange stories about our careers and where we come from. The more I describe Antigonish, the more I feel a sense of pride. I decided to write a piece for next week’s Casket called ” The View From Afar.” It is me describing Antigonish to strangers. Most of us realize that we are quite fortunate to have been born and raised in a pretty special community. Yes, it has its bumps and warts but on balance, it is one of the best small towns in Canada. I will also be posting the story here on my website. No humour. Just one person’s point of view on our hometown.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and hope to bump into you on the Main.

And please join me at my book launch on December 5th. in Antigonish and on the 12th. in Port Hawkesbury.

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