I am always delighted to hear from guests at any of the events I have the pleasure of speaking at or the many readers who take the time to sit down with one of my stories.


Because your stories held to the familiar, the daily events that either elated you or sent you spiraling down to the nether regions, most readers are able to identify themselves in many of your accounts. As did I. While daily living is the very substance of most of our lives, and therefore not terribly dramatic, you were able to see in the mundane a streak of the comic, which moved the narrative to a whole other level. And you did this with enthusiasm.

– Leo Purcell

The Casket is fortunate to have such an excellent writer as you. You thrill our hearts with memories of yesterday in such a manner that your style and writing belongs in a major Canadian Paper, where it could be shared with millions of others.

– Sir Bruce Perreault

Hi Len: Just had to make a comment about your new book “Week 45.” I am enjoying it soo-soo much. We feel so touched and so honoured that you published such a wonderful story about Blaise, and also for the great picture. One of Blaise’s greatest loves was singing. Anyone who has not purchased your new book, do not know what they are missing. It is wonderful. Thanks Len !!!!  

                                                                                – Martha MacInnis



Feel free to contact me with any feedback you may have!

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