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Posted on August 11, 2016 under News & Updates with 4 comments

Birthday August 10, 2016


Thank you for all of the well wishes on my birthday.

But let’s get one thing straight:

I am not old.

There is something that I need to get off my chest now that I’m 65. I want you to know that I am going to petition our Member of Parliament to table a private member’s bill to change the name of Old Age Security ( OAS ). The Old Age Persons Act came into effect in 1927 when life expectancies for males was 59 and 61 for women. Both of these numbers are now hovering around 80.

I am proposing that OAS be renamed YES … Young, Energetic, Seniors.

Excuse me while I go to Sullivan’s Barbershop and get my first senior’s discount haircut. Truth be told, they should have been giving me a discount a long time ago !

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