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Brierly Brook as it trundles to The Landing

The votes are in and I will be publishing the story about my visa problems in India this coming Saturday, the 27th. Be forewarned: it is lengthy… almost 7000 words so you’ll want to grab your coffee or tea and settle in for a bit. It is called “ Delhi Dilemma. “ For anyone thinking about traveling outside the country for any significant length of time, where a visa is required, this might be essential reading in “ what not to do” ! I made a mistake and it cost me ( and my brother ) three weeks of our lives trying to extricate me from a mess created by a simple oversight. In retrospect, it wasn’t the worst three weeks of my life. Don may disagree (!)  but I think we made the best of a difficult situation.

I keep bumping into people on the street who invariably say’ “ You must be glad to be home.”  Of course, home is always a place of safety and comfort but when you experience a totally different culture , it’s hard to put it in the rear view mirror and forget about it. A young person from the Czech Republic that I met during my “ Delhi Days “ sent me a note the other day after returning from a three month internship in India.  She wrote: “ How were your first days back in Canada? How did you get used to everything? For me it was a little difficult.  I feel India has changed me a lot but my home place stayed almost the same as before. I feel I need a little time to get back and find out how I can keep those precious memories and changes.” For someone who has only recently learned English, I thought she expressed this very well.

Regular readers know that I took a hiatus from a popular column while I was away. I hope to resume “ Faces in the Crowd” in the next few weeks. I can hardly wait to relaunch this feature with the story of one of the most interesting people that I have ever met. I will keep you in suspense but when you see his picture, you will recognize him instantly. He has appeared in two of my stories over the years. I met him the other day and he seemed very pleased that he was going to get to tell me ( and you  ) his story.

The Landing.

I can remember a few occasions in India where the noise, the pollution and the garbage were getting to me. I needed to find refuge. I closed my eyes and mentally walked The Landing from my home on Court Street. As someone who has walked or run this trail hundreds of times over the years, I know every bend in the road. Since I got back home, I have walked it just about every day. It is a great place to walk with friends but I find it equally special to walk it alone. Early in the morning when it is quiet, there is something very serene about the place. I have no idea what heaven looks like but maybe places like The Landing are truly “ heaven on earth.” If you haven’t walked there lately, you might want to check it out. Shortly after you pass the first gate, look to your left and say good morning to the two bald eagles high in the branches of the trees. Listen to the birds singing and watch for muskrats and beavers. Good for the body and soul… guaranteed.

Have a great week.

P.S. Just a reminder that I will be doing another India presentation at People’s Place Library on Thursday, June 8th. at 7:00 p.m. Once again, my brother Don will be joining me to give you his perspectives of India as well.

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