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“Crazy Bitch” taking flight

Passionate? Yes.

Crazy? No.

I am spending ten days in Montreal with our daughter Ellie and our granddaughter…. and their newly adopted Chihuahua, Manny. I’m doing a bit of cooking, and some early morning dog walking . On most days, I walk to school with Ivory and pick her up at the end of the day.

I am also getting a close up look at what it takes to become a stand up comedian.

Ellie is performing a one act show, called “Crazy Bitch” as part of the Fringe Festival. There are more than 100 shows/acts. The competition for audiences is fierce but friendly. All of the performers are uncommonly supportive of their peers. They routinely go to each other’s shows. They hang out after the shows. It’s a family affair.

Ellie has been a bundle of creative energy since her childhood. At an early age, she fell in love with the theatre and acted in numerous productions. She and her sisters and brother, performed music at concerts, festivals, weddings and funerals. They still get together from time to time… one of the great joys of being a parent.  Ellie was a fixture at the Farmer’s Market selling her famous cupcakes. She was an extraordinary producer of wedding cakes. ( Cakes By Ellie ) I know. I helped deliver most of them, one of the most hazardous jobs in the world!

So, how does one become a successful comedian?  Hard work mostly and an unwavering dedication and passion.

It’s not good enough to be funny and quick on your feet. You have to pay a lot of dues like most other businesses. When she’s not working at her day job, she’s constantly writing, rehearsing and honing her craft. She does much of her best thinking when wandering the trails of Mont Royal. And when you’re getting started, you have to pay great attention to marketing and promotion , most of which are a solo effort. Prior to her shows, she can be found at the Fringe Park on St. Laurent Avenue, handing out promotional cards.

The Montreal Fringe Festival is in full swing and Ellie has several performances under her belt. The reviewers are effusive in their praise of her work and she has been drawing very good crowds. She is on the list of shows “ selling well” on the Fringe website.

Now I know you’re all wondering. Have I gone to see her show? No. From reading the reviews and a gut feeling (!), I decided that I would cheer from the sidelines, far from the Wiggle Room, a popular venue in the city. I am far from prudish. But I’m reasonably certain that this is a PG  production. It hasn’t been listed as such… just a hunch. In this case , “ parental guidance” means that it is not suitable for parents of the performer!

If hard work and steely determination are worth anything,  Ellie has a very good chance of succeeding.

If you happen to be in Montreal this week, she has four more performances before the festival winds up on Sunday. Check it out… just for laughs.

Have a great weekend.


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