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Chief cook and bottle washer, Rev. Peter Smith – Pastor St. James United Church


What is the greatest gift that you can give any time of the year?

The gift of time.

Time is a luxury for people who work and are raising a family. Every day is one giant balancing act trying to figure out a way to survive the madness… especially at this time of the year.

For seniors and retirees, it’s a much different story. Everything hinges on good health, both physical and mental. There are many people who find the time impossibly long and can feel quite listless when boredom and lack of purpose become the norm.

Well, do I have a solution for you!

I’m recruiting a few volunteers to help me with the Hot Lunch program at St. James Church. Every Tuesday and Thursday, teams of volunteers provide a simple but nutritious hot lunch for people who want or need such a service. The Tuesday meal has been going on for ten years. I got involved with the Thursday meal three years ago.

Up until recently, we have had eight teams on Thursday which means that each team only has to prepare lunch once every eight weeks. These teams don’t cook in July and August so if you do the math (52 weeks – 8 weeks = 44 weeks), each team will be responsible for preparing meals approximately 5 times a year.

So, here is my “call to action.” One of these Thursday teams is unable to continue and I am trying to recruit some volunteers. I will captain the team. That means that every 8 weeks, you’ll have to spend about 4 hours (9-1) hanging out with me in the kitchen at St. James listening to my corny puns. Seriously, it is great fun. There is a wonderful sense of camaraderie.

Now, I can already hear your excuses. “I’m going south for the winter.” “I can’t cook.”  “ I don’t look good in an apron.” These are all lame excuses which will not be tolerated. At any given meal, a team of four can normally handle matters. There are other regular volunteers who actually serve the meals. In a perfect world, I would like 5 people to step forward and join me. I have already recruited (hoodwinked!) two people. Including me, that would make 8. You wouldn’t have to commit to every meal. We would have enough manpower to cover most situations including when people are away. Case in point. If I ever get my visa for India, I will miss at least one of the meals.

Which brings me to my second point. I would love to have a co-captain (as one of the 5 people), to assume responsibility when I’m away.

Ok, that’s it. I would love to have my team in place by the end of tomorrow (Friday, December 1st.). Consider it as your first (and most meaningful) Christmas present.

Once we have the team in place, we’ll get together at St. James and talk about the minutiae.

I guarantee that it will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have. The banter in the kitchen is worth the price of admission!

Have a great weekend.

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