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SAFE is having its Annual General Meeting on February 27, 2108… and you’re invited to come.

Our Syrian families have settled in quite nicely in our community but this doesn’t mean the crisis is over in Syria. Not even close. If it is humanly possible, things are worse and there are millions of families desperately seeking refuge.

The work of SAFE, CARE and Tri- Heart, the three sponsorship groups in Antigonish continues. It is not likely to end any time soon.

We need your help. There are two new Syrian families arriving in the very near future. One of the families, we were expecting and we have housing lined up for them. The second family was not supposed to come until late 2018 but SAFE has now been informed that their arrival is imminent.

We need your help… specifically housing.

SAFE needs a three bedroom house, preferably near the town of Antigonish. We all know how hard housing is to find and how expensive it is. The people of Antigonish Town and County have been extremely generous in assisting with housing for the Syrians who have already arrived. They have provided inexpensive rents, in some cases for a two year period to help new families get on their feet.

So. if you know of anyone who might have an unoccupied house and might want to partner with SAFE in providing a home for one of the families coming soon, please get in touch with me or any member of SAFE.

Our new Syrian neighbors and friends have proven that they belong in our midst. They are friendly and incredibly industrious.

Please help our new families make Antigonish their home.

Thanks and hope to see some of you at the AGM.

P.S. It would be appreciated if you would ” share” this with your Facebook contacts. Thanks.

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