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The Way of the Cross – A Play


Our dear friend, Bernie Vosman, died on January 11th. but he won’t be soon forgotten…not as long as Bernie’s family and friends have anything to say about it.

The first annual “Bowl with Bernie” will be held at Pins Bowling Center, Post Road on Saturday, March 31st. from 1-3 p.m. An endowment fund is going to be established through L’Arche in Bernie’s name to assist them with the great work they do. One can only imagine the money Bernie would raise himself if he were still with us. It would be hard to say no to Bernie.

So, for those of you on Facebook, here’s the link so that you can pre-register: But if you just show up that afternoon, and can “spare” a few hours of your time, that would “strike” a chord with organizers. (Have they created a groan emoji yet?!).Hey, you don’t even have to bowl. I would like to but can’t because of my well documented lack of talent for bowling and some painful arthritis.

But that doesn’t mean that I won’t be there to support the cause. I am going to bring several copies of my three books to the event. For “Bowling for Bernie,” I’m going to charge full price: $20 for any one book. (3 for $60. Now there’s a deal you can’t pass up! ). I will donate all proceeds to the endowment fund. I will accept cash or credit card as payment.

Now, I can already hear the litany of excuses for not coming and I am prepared to accept just about all of them. If you are stranded in Meat Cove in a blizzard that day but still want to support this effort, get in touch with me. Buy a book (or 10) as Easter gifts. The receiver of the book will get some chuckles and you will have made a valuable contribution to Bernie’s legacy. I can also ship books to you if you live in some other part of the country.

In Bernie’s words, ” Come on, come on.”

Add the following to your events calendar: Next week is Holy Week for Christians and St. Nininian’s Cathedral will be the scene for a dramatic re-enactment of the Way of the Cross. Performances will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 8:00 p.m. in the Cathedral. There is no admission charge, how a free will offering will be taken to defray expenses. The performance lasts approximately one hour. There is a stellar cast of actors and musicians representing many different faith communities in and around Antigonish.

One year ago, I witnessed another re-enactment of the Stations of the Cross near New Delhi, India in the small town of Khera Khurd. It was held on a sports field by an adjacent school. It was over 40 degrees Celsius and there wasn’t a tree in site. The “performance” (I have a few other choice words but will refrain from using them in mixed company!), lasted 3 hours and people were dropping like flies. I was living with a group of Brothers at the time (during my visa troubles), and ducking out from the proceedings was not an option. Now, THAT was penance!

Easter will come and go. You will eat too much food, consume far too much chocolate (is this possible?) and will need to get out of the house to appease your conscience. Ok. Start humming with me… “Like a Bridge over Troubled Waters.” Would you like to take a little trip down memory lane and hear some unique and quite stunning arrangements of some old classics? The Antigonish Chorale Ensemble will be performing their “Earth Day” spring concert on Sunday, April 8th at 7:30 p.m. at St. James United Church. Admission by donation. We’ll be performing Big Yellow Taxi, Bridge over Troubled Water, Song for the Mira, Gaia (James Taylor) along with classics like Shenandoah and many more. Also joining the choir will be the St. James Handbell Trio and St.F.X. Vocal Ensembles. These concerts typically last about an hour with no intermission so you old farts (like me) can still be home and in bed by 9:00.

No. There’s never anything to do in Antigonish!

Have a great weekend.

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