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Land and Sea


This is a great time of the year with a harvest of delicious food from the land and the sea.

It’s lobster season and for many people, it’s almost worth enduring winter and a late spring to get a plateful of this tasty crustacean. But seafood, especially shellfish is not everybody’s cup of tea. Some people are allergic to them and others just don’t like the taste.

The local Farmer’s market is coming to life as more and more crops are showing up in their stalls. The first batch of local strawberries is now available and it won’t be long before every vegetable imaginable will take root at the market.

Last Sunday, there was a knock on our apartment door. Someone was delivering a few fresh (cooked!)  lobsters to a resident of our building who happened to be away for a few days. We agreed to keep them until her return. My wife took the lobsters and informed me that they were in the back left corner of the fridge. “And lead us not into temptation” was the insinuation of that strategy.

On Tuesday, upon the return of our neighbor, I walked up a flight of stairs, knocked on the door and presented her with the lobsters which had been double bagged to keep them from leaking into our fridge. You could just see the orange tops peeking out. And what a generous offering it was. I estimated the weight at about three pounds, a great feed by any measure.

We exchanged a few pleasantries at the threshold to her apartment. All the while she was peeking at the bag. She had a slightly puzzled look. She stared at the bag again. I looked at her and she looked right back at me. “Is there something wrong?” I asked. Without batting an eye, she handed me back the bag containing 3 pounds of the largest carrots you’ve ever seen. Having forgotten my wife’s explicit instructions, I had simply put my hand into the back right hand corner of the fridge without checking the contents.

I sheepishly made the swap and we both shared a hearty guffaw. I could still hear her chuckle as I skulked back to my apartment.

So. If you had your choice would it be a feed of live lobsters or a bag of very large, locally grown carrots?!

I was speaking with the organizers of this year’s Highland games the other day. They are seriously considering some modifications to the Games with the preponderance of cold weather lately. They are now contemplating adding the following events to the lineup: snow ball fights; Celtic ice sculptures; igloo building; snow shoveling (for speed, endurance and height); ice fishing.

They are even considering changing their calling card. “Will ye snow come back again?”

“Pastoral Airs”, a concert in memory of James MacPherson, is fast approaching. Grab your tickets soon as a large crowd is expected at the Cathedral on Saturday, July 7th. You can get your tickets at 5 to $1.00, MacKinnon’s Pharmasave or at St. Ninian Parish office. If you’re from out of town, visit the Highland Games website ( Go to tickets and hit “purchase tickets.”

Have a great weekend.

P.S. A feed of lobsters would taste some good!


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  1. Mary Cecilia MacPherson says:

    There is nothing on Earth better than a good laugh. You have a gift, Leonard. Thank God and you for sharing it.

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