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Hands at work at The Arts House


Show of hands. How many of you have read all 900 of my Week45 stories? The odds of that actually happening are similar to those of being struck twice by lightning. I should be careful as I have been struck by lightning once already. To prove it, here’s the story I published when it happened

Based on this survey, there is a very good chance that you didn’t read my Monday post. You’re forgiven! I’m helping raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. I am participating in the Big Bike Ride next Tuesday, July 24th. I am part of the team from the RK MacDonald Nursing Home. Someone who read my post on Monday thought I was doing a big bike ride, like going around the Cape. Nope. With a wonky back and neck (and mind), that’s not happening. I’ll be climbing on a BIG BIKE that carries about 18 passengers and we’ll take a cruise down Main Street at 7:00 p.m.

I’ve set a goal to raise $1000 and I’m at the hallway mark. If you’d like to make a tax deductible contribution, please go to my page with the Heart and Stroke Foundation: Might even wear my kilt if I exceed the $1000 mark!

The Antigonish Arts Fair is expanding its wings adding a new and exciting program. The old Visitor Information Centre beside Boston Pizza is now the home of The Arts House. Antigonish has been a hotbed for artists for decades. Many successful artists honed their skills under the watchful and caring eyes of Mary MacGillivray. Here’s a piece I wrote about Mary a few years ago. Mary is still very much alive and well, recently passing the century mark. She is one of my favourite people and love our chats at the RK.

Do you have a child who is creative and wants to learn various forms of art this summer? Check out their website: . One of my grandchildren is attending this week and from all accounts, it is awesome. Kudos to the visionaries at the Art Fair.

And speaking of the Art Fair, I have been pressed into service this Friday (20th) and will be playing some tunes at 7:20 p.m. at Chisholm Park… across from The Wheel. You know the place? It’s where Prime Ministers get their pizza when they’re passing through Antigonish!

Apparently a few of the featured performers are sick. The best they could do on short notice was a balding 66 year old man. I promise I won’t play any of my original songs. I’ll stick to the tried and true. Maybe a few Neil Young tunes and some singalong stuff. Oh yes. I have donated some of my books to The Arts House and I think they’ll be selling them on Friday night. 100% of the proceeds go to the Arts House.

How do you cure a pain in the neck? Wouldn’t I love to hear your remedies. There is no cure for annoying people but I’m working on getting relief for neck pain. My latest stop has taken me to an osteopath. We’re not 100% sure what’s wrong with my neck but it’s possible I don’t have my head screwed on properly. (Pause for the cheap shots). He did a lot of manipulations with my head and neck. It’s a little too early to say how things are going to go but I definitely notice an improvement after only two sessions.

Weather’s looking great for the next few days.

Hope to see you at the Art Fair tomorrow evening.

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