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After a brief retirement (, I’m back at my desk typing (pecking) my 985th post. The response to my April Fools’ story was quite interesting. It was one of the most read posts in seven years. I was pleasantly surprised that so many people actually read the entire piece. Sometimes, I can’t tell if anyone is reading my meanderings other than my stalwarts.

Thanks for all of the comments, even to those who called me 1) a brat, 2) an asshole and 3) a bastard!

Count your blessings. Repeat.

I walk every day of my life and am consciously grateful for all that I have, especially my health. It was not that I needed a reminder but last weekend, I was in Halifax and paid a visit to a friend who is a patient in the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation and Arthritis Centre. If you want a quick reminder of your good fortune, just walk the halls of the Rehab Centre to gain some perspective.

There’s an entire floor dedicated to brain injuries, another for stroke and heart attack patients and another for people who are either paralyzed or recovering from paralysis, such is the case with my friend. Most of these peoples’ lives were changed in the blink of an eye. So if your internet connection is slow or you find the lineup at Timmy’s too long, please feel free to give yourself a quick boot in the arse. If you can’t accomplish this task on your own, I’m sure there any number of friends who would accommodate the request. Actually, I suspect there might be a long lineup of people who would wait patiently to assist you.

I realize that I’m constantly haranguing you about various fundraisers. Last week, I received a lot of unnecessary attention when I decided to donate some of my India books to help raise a few dollars for the Benoit family who lost their beautiful daughter, Olivia, a few weeks ago. I wrote a comment on my Facebook page which I am reposting here. “I appreciate the messages and the sentiments behind them. I am certain that there are countless people who have reached out to the Benoit’s in a quiet way. Silent acts of kindness carry as much weight as public ones like mine. I don’t think any of us feel particularly heroic when a family is in such pain. We just do these things because we can and we should.”

If you are passing through Sobey’s, please go to one of the checkouts and purchase my latest release for $10. All of the money will go to the Benoit family. If you’ve already purchased my book earlier, go and buy another. Give it to a friend. If you’re short on friends, give it to the Easter Bunny!

I am very pleased to have a new advertiser on my website. The MacDonald Notebook gives the reader a behind the scenes look into politics and the business world, much of it here in our own backyard in Nova Scotia. Owner and publisher, Andrew (Colin R.) MacDonald has been writing for decades and provides keen insights on what’s really going on. Check out his website: if you know a business that would like to advertise on my Week45 website (for $10/week), let them know that I have the most sophisticated and erudite readers in the free world and that their business should be on my website!

Four weeks from today, I will arrive in Madrid to begin my Camino.

Have a great weekend.


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  1. william wallace says:

    Tip your hat to St Jimmy for all us pagans.

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