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Me and Simone



So, this happened.

I walked the Cabot Trail.

Regular readers of this column know that I usually keep things pretty light. No one has ever accused me of being philosophical but please bear with me as I try and explain what I learned about a solo walk of 300 kilometres.

When you do a long walk, there is lots of time for reflection and introspection. I have known this for a long time and didn’t have to walk the Cabot Trial to realize it but I am a complicated and somewhat flawed human being. We all try and do our best but over a lifetime we’ve all screwed up royally. We all have regrets of some sort. That’s what makes us human. The best that most of us can do is to hopefully leave this world marginally better than when we arrived.

Many, many times over the last 10 days, the phrase “milk of human kindness” entered my head. You English scholars will immediately recognize this as a line from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Loosely translated it means kindness and compassion. I am so impressed but when the chips are down, everyone puts their shoulder to the wheel and helps out.

My walk to honour my friend, Simone, clearly demonstrated the best in people. People donated money. Along the route, I was shown extraordinary kindness by complete strangers who gave me a roof over my head and meals. The people who stopped me on the side of the road to wish me well and all the heartfelt comments on social media filled my heart. In a world that seems so dark and sinister, you have given me hope that good will trump evil.

The other lesson that I continue to learn is to never take anything for granted. We never know what is lurking around the corner. I know that it is a trite expression but trying to live every day to the fullest should be something for which we should all strive.

I met so many extraordinary people along the route. Singling anyone out is fraught with danger but I do want to give a shout out to James Andrews in Margaree Forks. I arrived at the bar of the Margaree Forks Fire Department on the first day of my travels. I had walked 40km and didn’t have a place to stay. He spent an hour calling people and he finally found me refuge. Not only that but he arranged free lodging for me the following night in Cheticamp. These two gestures really set the tone for the rest of the walk.

For the record:

Money raised to date – $5,933.50

Kilometres walked – 300 (about 400,000 steps excluding trips to the woods to pee!)

Casualties – 3 blisters and two toe nails. When I ran marathons, my toes would frequently blacken. Marathon runners have a saying – “Toe nails are for sissies”!

Thanks for joining me on this adventure. I plan to write book #6 about my Cabot Trail walk.

But most of all, I hope and pray that Simone recovers from her devastating stroke. She is such a nice person and for this to happen to her is such a tragedy. Simone’s path to recovery will be a marathon. She will likely require expensive aids like a motorized wheelchair and computer aids, rehabilitation services and renovations to her home. I’ll continue accepting donations until tomorrow, Friday, September 6th. You can send me an e-transfer at

Have a great weekend and thanks again for your support.

P.S. Several of you suggested that I was as tough as a boiled owl. Would someone please explain to me how anyone would know this? Has someone actually boiled an owl and tried to eat it?!!!!


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