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Book Launch Friday, October 4th at 6:30 at The Arts House


Box lunch. noun. an individual lunch carried in a box rather than a bag.

Book Launch. noun. The definition of a launch is an event at which something, such as a book or product, is presented to the public for the first time.

So, you’ve never been to a book launch before? And you arrive at the event thinking that they’re giving away box lunches. Why don’t you pop into my book launch Friday evening (October 4) at 6:30 p.m. at The Arts House. The Arts House is located in the old Visitor Information Centre next door to Boston Pizza. Should you come, don’t be dismayed or fooled by the inordinate number of cars in the parking lot. I’m not THAT popular. A local car dealership is using this space as they wait construction of a new facility.

You might think that a book launch is a high brow affair, frequented by intellectuals and people delving into esoteric topics like philosophy. I am sure there are book launches that fit that description but not mine. My loyal readers have never accused me of being an intellectual. My writing is simple, just like me. Yes, I have a new book that I want to promote but be assured, the hour that you will spend will not be filled with me reading long, boring passages that might cause you to nod off. This launch will be different as I plan to show you pictures of my walk across Spain. And if things do get dull, you can just sneak out and grab a beer next door.

Just so you know, I accept cash, debit and credit cards. Unwashed beer bottles are not acceptable trade.

Hope some of you can make it.

I was chatting with a town official the other day about the Homecoming at St.F.X this coming weekend. Every year the citizens of our town brace themselves for a weekend of heavy duty partying by students at our local university. In an attempt to curb some of the enthusiasm, the Homecoming football game is going to be held on Friday evening for the first time.

We shouldn’t make light of the over consumption of alcohol at this annual event at the university. It is very dangerous and quite unsettling to watch. And while we shouldn’t condone public displays of drunkenness, many of us were students once upon a time (I started university 49 years ago)  and I’m certain our behaviour by times wasn’t all that desirable. Mind you, back in the day, we would go to the pub a few hours before the big game and have a few beer and a burger and then head to the stadium to take in the game. These days, the festivities seem to start 24 hours before the game.

To those who condemn university students for bad behaviour, one wonders what our town would look like if the university wasn’t here.


I want to thank a friend who sent me an article about grieving. Everyone’s grief is different. Most people my age have lost one or both parents. If you haven’t, consider yourself very fortunate. Some of you have experienced the inexplicable grief of losing a child. Or a spouse.

The article I received was about the death of a sibling. Many of us come from large families and unfortunately will face this reality on more than one occasion. Here is what Emmi Scott has to say about this topic: “The death of a sibling can feel like losing a part of yourself because, no matter how different your personalities are, you’ve shared many of the same experiences. You grew up in the same family system, ate dinner around the same table, and went on the same vacations. Our family dynamics can help determine much of our adult lives. No one understands those dynamics better than your siblings.”

Still missing our brother, Tom.

Have a great weekend.

P.S. Please bring a friend to my book launch!


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