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Yeah, yeah, I know it’s not Thursday yet but I have friends in Scotland and it’s Thursday there.

The bra story should have been called ” My Cup Runneth Over”. Thanks very much for all the feedback. Some female athletes were offended that I did not mention the sports bra. Come on. A guy can’t always get these things perfect. One woman asked me how I could possibly know about bras. I was tempted to say ” research, research, research” but I took the easy way out and admitted that I came from a family of ten. In big families, there are no secrets. Not even Victoria Secret.

Someone suggested  I write a story about lipstick. I better be careful or else I might get a gig with Vogue magazine.

Our youngest daughter got married on the weekend in Halifax. I want to give a shout out to the good folks at the Best Western in Chocolate Lake. They did a great job and they are pet friendly. They have a chocolate lab on staff, sitting behind the check in counter.

And speaking of weddings, as a segue to a recent story about first waltzes at wedding receptions, I have a story coming up Saturday that is a must read for prospective grooms. It’s called “The Wedding Planner’s Guide For Men”.

Someone ( you know who you are! ), sent me a story idea about packages that are impossible to open, other than using blunt force and foul language. If you have a story idea, e-mail it to me. If I do a story, I will send you a draft… a sneak preview, as it were. You can take part in the editing process. I decided to do a story on this topic called “Open Sesame”. Coming soon at Week45.

Finally, I draw your attention to my website, particularly the video tab. I like to introduce some of my stories using video. The very first video is very important to me as it lays out my “big dream”. please take a look when you have time.

It’s almost time to dust off the kilt. “Lang may yer lum reek”.

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Tri Mac Toyota!

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