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Who says there no such thing as a free launch! Come to the People’s Place Library this evening at 7:00 p.m., have a few laughs and enjoy some free refreshments. Can you imagine the gong show it would turn into if an author offered free booze, especially with the proximity to Piper’s Pub? We will be offering hot and cold apple cider and a few sweets… even some that are gluten free. I am pretty certain that at least two people are coming – my wife and my editor. I hope some of you can make it.

Some people were commenting that  the rain and high winds the last few days wreaked havoc on their outdoor Christmas decorations. While I feel badly for you, I must confess that I did not suffer the same fate. I didn’t put up our decorations yet and even if they blew to China, you would be hard pressed to notice the difference. I could possibly be the most unimaginative person when it comes to these sorts of things. I decorate outdoors and indoors with the same enthusiasm as putting out the recycling on garbage days. It is my duty. To paraphrase the infamous words of the late U.S. President, Richard Nixon ( when he was tossed out of office in 1974 ), ” I am not a Grinch.” For those of you too young to remember, go and Google this and see what he actually said.

I have two story ideas rattling around in my head. I have friends ( yes, I actually do! ) who returned from a vacation in Europe recently. When I asked them what they found most unusual they replied that paying to use a public washroom caught them off guard. This was especially nettlesome for the women as they had to pay and the men didn’t. How can I possibly let this one pass, me being the great defender of women’s rights! Coming soon, ” Don’t Pee Long.”

How come every single day, I come upon a shopping related story? One of our staff was at a downtown convenience store the other day replenishing our coffee cream supply for the office. She got caught in a lineup. The person at the front of the line was restocking smoking supplies… papers, tobacco and papers to roll the cigarettes. The person next in line, in front of our staff person, was discretely carrying a magazine, Hustler, to be exact. The rest, as they say, is history. Not sure about a title yet. Ideas? Van McCoy and the Soul City Symphony did a song back in 1975 called “Do The Hustle.” It is ( was) a brutal song. Don’t take my word. Go and listen to it on Youtube.

Just to get everyone in the mood, I will be posting a story I wrote a year ago called ” O Christmas Tree.” If the radio stations can play the “Twelve Days of Christmas” every year, then I can post this story every year. Back in the day, we used to take our four small children to the woods and cut our own tree. Imagine the joy and bliss of that exercise if just one of the four was having a bad day!

If you happen to miss the book launch ( I cannot possibly imagine anything else being more important!!! ), I will be at the 5 to $1.00 on Saturday morning from 11:00 – 1:00.

Have a great weekend. And remember, the key to happiness is being grateful.

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