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Santa brought me this neat little box. Sort of like a jewelry box. A place to store the family jewels?  Get your minds out of the gutter.

If you look up the word “exhaustion” in the dictionary, it will probably be accompanied by a picture of a mother of small children, taken around 7:00 p.m. Christmas Day. I am always amazed at the emotional capital, physical capital, and yes, even financial capital that is expended during the Christmas season. And let’s face it men, women shoulder 99% of the heavy lifting at Christmas. I tip my hat to all of them because they embody the Christmas miracle.

This was my first Facebook Christmas. There is a lot of questionable stuff posted on FB but at this time of the year, it feels like you’re celebrating with an entire community of family, neighbors, close friends and people you’ve lost touch with who have re-emerged from the mists of time. The common thread is that everyone appears to appreciate their good fortune.

All this Christmas talk has not diminished my story writing. As a matter of fact, I’m on quite a roll. One of them has to do with New Year’s Eve. Quick. When I say, New Year’s Eve, what is the first thing you think of? I guess it depends how old you are. If you are young, it probably means going to a big bash and kissing everything in sight at midnight. This story takes us through the different phases of New Year’s Eve until we are older and relegated to watching re-runs of the Royal Canadian Air Farce. The story is called “The Longest Day” and will be published first in The Highland Heart on Jan 3rd. and will be on my website the next day.

Three other stories just fell into my lap… as most of the stories do. One of them is about women’s purses and yes, gals, I even know what a Michique purse is! Once in a blue moon, I am asked to retrieve something from my wife’s purse. This is where the story begins and ends. Coming soon: “Holding The Purse Strings.”

The next story happened innocently enough. I was wrapping my wife’s Christmas present. Sorry. Just kidding. Don’t shop and don’t wrap. Rap I tried once. I was doing laundry while Betty was away and we had a text conversation about which bedding went on which of our six beds. I have printed the exchange verbatim. Before you read this one, please go to Youtube and look for the Abbott and Costello classic ” Who’s on First.” While it’s a sports story, there are some scary similarities. Watch for “Laundry Quandry.”

I was getting my Christmas trim the other day  ( no snickering ) when I overheard one of the barbers talking about “Hair Miles.” A rewards program in a barber shop. I could hardly wait to get home to write this one. It’s simply called “Hair Miles.”

And finally, I wrote about a story  about an iconic Antigonish business that has survived fire and flood, competition from big box stores and on line shopping and just keeps on ticking. I know that you know who I am talking about. The story is called ” Where Everyone Knows Your Name.”

Happy Boxing Day and if you didn’t believe my story about the famous Boxing Day Street Hockey Game, stop by Hillcrest Street sometime after 1:30 today. You might even get a free beer.

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