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Best friends



“The quality or state of being true and constant in support of someone or something.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Is there anything as comforting as having someone that you can truly count on and who has your back in good times and bad? For the purposes of this piece, I have opted not to include four legged friends. Their loyalty is unquestionable.

For many people these are bad times, uncertain times, highly unusual times. A lot of us have had to lean on family and friends during Covid for all manners of support, especially those of us who have had to quarantine one or more times. If the pandemic has made one thing crystal clear, no person is an island. We need each other, maybe now more than when Covid first reared its ugly head.

This was a novelty at the beginning as we started to learn about the virus, flattening the curve, and practicing social distancing. It is no longer a novelty and one senses a big dose of “pandemic fatigue”. We are being asked repeatedly to not let down out guard, but with the surge in cases, it is obvious that this is far from over. It has put a strain on relationships, finances, and on mental health.

Most of us would put our immediate families at the top of the loyalty list. I know that I can count on my children and my siblings to answer any call coming their way. They are simply the best friends that I have.

Some people are loyal to certain brands and many companies have loyalty programs to get and keep customers.

Of course, I am enormously blessed to have so many people who have followed my writing for the better part of ten years. I still can’t believe that I continue to pump out the most mundane pieces and somehow you keep reading. Someone mentioned Stuart McLean’s name the other day. I was fortunate enough to meet Stuart on three occasions and he even wrote a story about me many years ago. He was such a wonderful storyteller. I really miss Stuart and The Vinyl Café. I’m certain many of you have your favourite Dave and Morley story. I am in no way comparing myself with Stuart. I just had to find a way to get his name into this post!

What really prompted this post was the response of the eight businesses who advertise on Week45. Despite the havoc that Covid has wreaked on the economy, these businesses have remained 100% loyal to me. Every time their contracts comes up for renewal, they respond in such a positive manner. I want to acknowledge the support of EMM Law, A&W, The Maples, Trimac Toyota, MacIsaac Funeral Home, Highland Hearing, Keltic Ford and Success N Planning. You guys are all amazing and I am proud to be associated with you.

As I write this, it is dark, and it is snowing. Many people dread the thought of winter, but I am grateful every day to see the sunrise and the sunset. It beats the alternative.

Let us continue to be loyal to those around us until we finally emerge from the shadow of this scourge of Covid.

Have a great weekend.


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