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Yeah. I know. I’ve posted this picture before and by the end of the year you’ll see it a few more times. Every day so far this year, I have found at least one thing to be grateful about.  And every day, I have made note of this and deposited a small piece of paper with the date and the reason to be grateful. For example, here is what I wrote yesterday: ” During this bitterly cold, snowy winter with massive power outages across the country, I am grateful to have a warm home.” Hopefully I’m not sounding too preachy but if more people stayed in tune with gratefulness, I think they would be much happier.

As you know, one of my goals at the beginning of this year was to be able to find a way to acquire the resources to provide a hot meal for those who need it , every week of the year. I am doing my homework and have been in touch with the good folks at St. James United Church who already provide this service. No point in re-inventing the wheel. I will be meeting with some of them soon but the goal is to do a second day of the week at the church. What they need more than anything is teams of volunteers to take responsibility for the meal ( the cooking and serving – not the financial part ). Currently they have six “teams” who do the Tuesday meal on a rotational basis so someone volunteering needs to only commit every sixth week. I may be casting my net out  for help. I know most of you work, but there are lots who are retired too. Without making a formal commitment, how many of you are interested?  Show of hands? Just as I thought. We’ll get this done.

BIG response to the story about mass. ( “Mass Appeal” ) Sorry to you youngsters who couldn’t possibly understand some of the nuances of this story. Some time when you’re at loose ends, go and Google Second Vatican Council. It was a very big deal back in the early ’60’s. A lot of old timers to this day lament the day that the Catholic Church abandoned Latin for English.

I have lots of stories on the go. Will keep you posted.

If you missed the Len and Phil show last fall and if you’re not working ( rhymes with twerking! ) on Feb. 5th. at 2:00 p.m., drop down to People’s Place library. We’re going to do an hour long mini show. That does not mean we will be wearing mini skirts. While it’s called the “Senior’s Café” I am quite certain that all are welcome.

Have a great weekend.

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