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Don’t be fooled for one minute. We are definitely not down south. I had to put a picture with today’s post so rather than “after the storm” pictures, I thought an “after the vacation” picture was every bit as good. Don’t you agree?

Those of you not from the area, bear with me as I pass along this piece of information. Those of you who grew up in Antigonish in the 1960’s and 1970’s will remember a wonderful member of the Town’s police force: Joe “Judique” MacDonald. Joe was a wonderful and decent man and I did a tribute to him which appears in this week’s Casket newspaper. It’s called “No Ordinary Joe.” Please support our local newspaper and pick up a copy or go to their website.

As some of you know, I also write for The Fairview Post, in Fairview  Alberta. The editor of the paper was in touch with me this week and specifically asked if I would prepare a piece for Valentine’s Day. As they say, ” be careful what you wish for.” While home yesterday afternoon riding out the storm, I took a crack at the first draft. This one will undergo a serious edit, similar to the story on menopause, methinks. It’s hard to put me and romance in the same sentence without evoking snickers. The story starts with cut out Valentines cards in elementary school and ends up at the present day. Tell me women, are you treated like royalty on Valentines Day by the special person in your life? The story is called “The Heart of the Matter” and will be appearing sometime around Valentines Day.

I have a slightly longer piece coming this Saturday. It’s about tobacco, particularly chewing tobacco. I got chatting with this lady from Guysborough a few weeks ago and somehow we got on this topic. Have you ever tried chewing tobacco? Have you ever swallowed the juice? Wasn’t that fun? So curl up with a coffee at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday and check out ” The Spitting Image.”

A few of you have come forward expressing an interest in helping out with the hot meal program at the St. James United Church. I am meeting with their people next week and will have an update for you shortly.

Don’t let the weather beat you down. From ” the 10 habits of optimists” … “be a positive forward thinker”

 My “gratitude jar” for the month of January is filling up. Something as simple as a good meal is one thing  to be thankful for.

Have a great day and a great weekend.

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