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Len’s Auto Sales


“Baby you can drive my car,

Yes, I’m gonna be a star.”

Drive My Car – The Beatles

I’m thinking of starting a car dealership.

The only statement that would be more ridiculous is if I told you that I was going to go back and try and get into med school so that I could become a famous brain surgeon, like Derek Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy. And why, pray tell would I have the foggiest idea who Derek Shepherd is? Like millions of others, I got sucked into the vortex of steamy romances, along with lots of blood and guts. When you’re in the north and you don’t have cable, Netflix and Prime are your friends.

“So why this sudden interest in the automobile industry, Len?” It certainly has nothing to do with my knowledge of cars and trucks. Au contraire. I know how to start a car. I know how to drive a car /truck/tricycle. I know how to put gas in the tank. I can even put air in the tires. “Wow, Len, that’s pretty impressive stuff.” Disclaimer. Once, many years ago, arriving at the Tampa airport, I picked up a car rental. It was a Toyota Prius. Yep. I can see a few of you nodding your heads already. It was one of the first hybrids on the market. The only hybrids I was aware of at the time were those that were offsprings of parents that differed genetically. I think we studied this in Mr. Chew’s Grade X Biology class. I had no idea how to start it and had to sheepishly walk back to the Hurts (Hertz) counter for instructions. I received some very weird looks. Even when I started the car, I wasn’t sure it was actually working, it was so quiet!

I still remember my first car. A first car is like your first love. Or your first kiss. Sort of. Shitty comparison, Len. All are thrilling except a car has a much longer life expectancy. I bought a used VW Beetle in Victoria back in 1973. I think I paid about $500. A brand new one was around $2,000 which was well out of my price range. To gas up a big truck in 2021 might cost just about the same as my purchase. A tank of gas cost $5.00 and I could drive forever. It was a standard shift. “Yes, I’m gonna be a star.” Sadly, it was a poor excuse for a muscle car and rarely attracted my female friends unless they needed a ride home on a rainy night. It met its untimely demise when I was back east on some sort of business. I had it parked at my brother’s place on a side street and someone side swiped it and it had to be written off.

Truthfully, I was never a car guy, and I basically viewed a vehicle as something necessary to get me from point A to point B.

The other day, I was chatting with a classmate who owns a car dealership. We went to school all through the years. I asked him about the state of the car industry. Covid has changed everything, and it now appears that the supply chains, so vital to his and other’s businesses, have encountered a kink. Cars and trucks are not arriving quickly enough to meet demand and the price of used vehicles has risen quite dramatically.

I am happy to report that the supply chain is working just fine in the north. The last cargo ship of the season was here last week and among other things, it delivered several brand-new cars and trucks. A sample of them is pictured above. I have decided to buy all of them and ship them back to the east coast to fill the void. As long as no one is in a hurry, they should arrive next May when cargo ships start plying our waters again.

I guess if I’m going to open a car dealership, I should probably buy a car, but I haven’t owned one in years. I don’t need a car where I live back home. I can get everywhere on foot quite easily. With my penchant for walking maybe I should open a footwear store. My motto could be “walk a mile in my shoes”. (With thanks to Elvis for the one liner).

Honk if you think I’m on to something.

Have a great weekend.

P.S. Speaking of the weekend, don’t forget to turn your clocks back. You too, Bell. Will the time change make me an hour younger or older?

P.P.S. How do you know when you’ve eaten enough Halloween candy? Will accept any suggestions.

P.P.P.S. I knew I couldn’t fool you eagle eyed people. If you zoom in on the picture, you will see a boat at the top of the airport hill. I could sell you a boat too!




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