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A Possible Madness

A Possible Madness



I have some hard core followers out there. You know who you are. You read just about everything I write and often fire off a comment. I wish I could find another 1000 just like you. Surely there are other people with your refined tastes!

Once in a blue moon I put a story out there that resonates with a wider audience. Such was the case with Tuesday’s story called “Taken For a Ride.” The only other story that got a bigger response was “Lou’s Last Laugh” ( the one with the skunk in the grave ). If you are new to Week45, just go to the search bar on the top right hand corner of my home page and search for the story.  I had quite a few comments. In case you were wondering how the story actually ended, the couple immediately turned around and drove back to the airport. They filled the tank and dropped off the car where they found it. I think we all imagined them getting pulled over by the Mounties after a report of a stolen vehicle. Only in Nova Scotia!

I will once again shamelessly promote Frank Macdonald’s two excellent novels: “A Forest For Calum” and “ A Possible Madness.” Frank is looking forward to coming for the fundraiser and you will appreciate the show even more if you are familiar with his style.

Attention , all Cape Bretoners.  I decided it was high time that I confess , in public, my lineage, including my Cape Breton roots. My father was born in St.Peter’s and his people originally came from the neighboring community of Soldier’s Cove. My brother, Don did a family history and at one point in time , there were 18 John MacDonald’s living in Soldier’s Cove. Probably nice guys but not a very imaginative bunch when it came to doling out names.  I have a story coming up called “ My Cape Breton Passport” where I try to prove conclusively that I have a right to claim citizenship,  if Cape Breton tries to pull the sovereignty card ( like Quebec ).  And, no, I will not comment on the Quebec election. The people spoke. Enough said!

Saturday’s story will be the one I wrote about an outrageous phone bill a group of us incurred back in 1976 while living and teaching in Northern Alberta. Do you know what a $1200 phone bill is in today’s dollars using a 3% annual inflation rate?  If you don’t want to waste your time on Google, I will tell all on Saturday.

I’m trying to come up with an Easter story. There is one I would like to write but I still fear excommunication when I think of a particular Good Friday back in 1978 when a group of my colleagues ( teachers ) decided to have a party on Good Friday afternoon. Sacrilegious?  Probably. Grounds for dismissal? Likely. Why the big deal? The party was in a house that abutted the Catholic Church. It was the first truly spectacular spring day and the boys cut loose. The party started at noon and hit its zenith right around the time of the crucifixion. There were very large speakers out on the lawn. Hendrix blasting.  Yeah. You’re right. It was ugly. Ouch. I think I’ll stick to something safe like a story about an Easter egg hunt.

Bring on The Masters golf tournament.

Have a great weekend.



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