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People who are not of Scottish ancestry may not understand the inside joke so let me give you a quick primer. On Feb.13th. 1692, ( a Happy Early  Valentines Day to you too! ) a group of Campbell men killed a number of MacDonalds in Glencoe, Scotland. The MacDonalds had offered food and lodging to the Campbells. Years ago, I went to Glencoe, stood at the base of the cairn memorializing the event and sang the  “Massacre of Glencoe”.

As part of my research for the upcoming story about the 1000 apron display at Bethany, I wandered over to the Art Gallery at St.F.X. and spent a pleasant hour with Bruce Campbell, the Director of the gallery. We sat at the milling frolic table as I anxiously looked over my shoulder at the display of weapons and swords. Luckily, the campus security office is not far away!

Since I last wrote about this, I have discovered that the idea for the apron exhibit came from Margaret Nicholson who is an instructor at the Fine Arts Department. I hope to speak with her before writing my story. If you live anywhere near Antigonish, please try and get out to the ribbon cutting ceremony which will be held on Thursday, August 1st. at 6:00 p.m. at the exhibit site at the rear of Bethany.

We will be heading to Alberta next week for a reunion of students that I taught some 35 years ago. I expect that I will come back with lots of material for stories. I am hoping that travel snags and lost luggage will not be amongst them.

On Saturday, I will be posting a story about packaging. Is it just me or are manufacturers conspiring to make it almost impossible to get into some of those hard plastic packages that hold products? It’s a good thing that all our food isn’t packaged in this way or else I would starve. Honestly, tell me that you haven’t fought with a package and hurled some expletives. I know you have. Don’t lie.

Besides Facebook and Twitter, I am now on LinkedIn. I just might be the “missing link” on this platform.

See you on the weekend.

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