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A golfer’s last gasp before the snow flies



It’s just about time to put away the golf clubs for another season, all you golfers. Spent a glorious day on Monday with my son, Peter up at Cabot Links. He played while I walked and took in the sights. Their sister course, Cabot Cliffs, is due to open next year. The golf gurus are already suggesting that the new course could be one of the top ten golf courses… in the world. This is great news for the local economy.

Quick. Which teacher had the most profound effect on your life? It could have been an elementary teacher or a university prof. Many of us were taught by Sisters. I think it is safe to say that most of them were stern taskmasters and didn’t put up with much nonsense. They were never reluctant to put you in your place. Sometimes that place was in the hallway or in the principal’s office. Most of them are long retired and it is my hope to get down to their retirement home in Cape Breton to see if I can get them to tell me what it was like growing up in a religious order and teaching young people. Sounds to me like either of these endeavours is a sure fire way to heaven. If they taught junior high, they’ve already experienced hell.

Obviously you were far too busy stuffing your face over the Thanksgiving weekend to respond to an earlier query. I didn’t receive many dieting stories but that didn’t stop me from “weighing in” on the subject. Just about everybody I know, has, at one point or other in their lives, tried to shed a few pounds. Coming up soon is my take on dieting. The story is called “ Lost and Found.” The pundits are already calling it a winner. Fat chance!

Betty and I are planning to drive to Florida in just over a week’s time. My guess is that you will be deluged with “stories from the road.” I will try and restrain myself from writing any more shopping stories. I think I’ve beaten that topic to death.

I was hanging out at the Farmer’s Market last weekend and was chatting with another male. We were occupying one of the picnic tables and just shooting the breeze. I says…” Looks like you’re not much of a shopper either.” He gave me that knowing male grin. He and his wife were on their way to Glace Bay to visit grandchildren. This was the first stop on the journey. He promised me that there would be several more stops and their ETA in “the Bay” was around midnight.

Oh, the colors. The drive to Inverness was absolutely stunning the other day. There was a lot of chatter in Cape Breton about Celtic Colors. Haven’t made it to that festival yet but that’s on the bucket list. Hope to launch my story, “Celtic Colors Celestial Choir” this coming weekend.

One more bowl of turkey soup and I think Thanksgiving will finally be over. There is one rather large piece of carrot cake staring at me from the fridge. I am weak in the knees. I know I will succumb any time now.

Have a terrific weekend.

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