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Best shot of the day ( with a camera! ) #12 at Brudenell



There’s only one thing better than golfing if you haven’t played in years. And that is not golfing. I was on “The Island” for three days attending a conference. I haven’t played any golf in the past eight years. I tried playing on Sunday and it only took nine holes for my back to tell me in no uncertain terms, that this was a very bad idea. A sore back and a multitude of horrible shots, sent me scurrying back to the clubhouse. The sudden rain squall and dropping temperatures made the decision very easy.

When I checked in, the clerk announced that my room was in the “West Wing.” Wow. I was thinking presidential but it turned out very differently. You can read all about it in my upcoming story called ( oddly enough! ) , “The West Wing.”

This week’s “Monday Morning Musings” got somewhat derailed after the accounting of last Saturday’s “beach party” in Inverness.

I’m sure I have mentioned this before but I am taking my first crack at a trilogy with my “Milling About” stories. Back in the 1970’s, I worked for a period of time in a sawmill and quickly discovered that this was not my first career choice. Some funny things happened at the mill that I had completely forgotten about until I passed a sawmill in Middle Musquodobit a few weeks ago. The first episode will be launched soon.

I am pleased and excited with the progress of my second book. All the stories have been written and submitted to my book editor. We did a phot shoot last week and I am really happy with the cover design ( front and back ) that was done by Jean Pearcey of Jeanious Designs. Jean does wonderful work and you will see the results of her labor on December 4th. at my book launch at the library. More to come on this.

However, if you just can’t wait (!) you will have an opportunity to get the very first copy on Thursday, October 26th. at the fundraiser in Heatherton. ( See the poster at the top of the page ). I’m taking my Week45 Express show on the road. In addition to myself and my good friend Phil Milner, I am really pleased that my four children will be performing some tunes. They haven’t played together in close to 10 years.

There will be a silent auction and I will be donating the first book out of the box to the silent auction table. If you win the bid, I will stick around after the show and autograph it for you. The rest of the books won’t go on sale until December 4th. at the launch. Once again, I will be doing a signing on December 6th. and 13th. at the 5 to $1.00.

The response to yesterday’s story, “ No Waffling” was amazing. I have only had a few other stories in the last couple of years that have received as much attention as this one. I am really pleased and I suspect many of you are patrons of Authentic Belgian Waffles.

Please keep supporting all of our young business people and if at all possible, SHOP LOCAL. It’s so tempting to shop on line or go to the big cities but if we don’t support local businesses, there won’t be any in years to come. And then, who will support all of the sports teams and charities?

Have a terrific weekend.

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