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It’s back to reality after a week out West. The economy in Alberta seems to be firing on all cylinders. We contributed our share in food, gas and shopping. I bought a rock for $8.00. That was the sum total of my shopping. Betty is always shocked when I buy anything. In due course you will see this rock resurface and will understand this curious purchase.

We had to drive six hours from the Peace Country down to Edmonton ( 8 if you count the shopping stops ). I was driving and we were accompanied by Geoffrey, a splendid 13 year old gentleman who sought the peace and quiet of his house in Spruce Grove after a hectic week on the farm. It was a good thing he was with us as he saved our marriage. Do you find that at the end of a long day when you are perilously close to your destination, that you and the co-pilot can get a bit edgy when it comes to directions? No. I didn’t think so. You use a GPS and can always curse at the lifeless voice telling you that she’s “recalculating”. As we approached a major fork in the road, I politely inquired which exit to take and “we” took the wrong one. Geoffrey took over and spirited us to his house by way of a secondary route. He was surprised when I offered to pay him $20. for his efforts. I suggested that it was a bargain compared to a counselling session!

Many of you have been up to Bethany to see the 1000 aprons display. I have received many messages of your own recollections of mothers and grandmothers who perpetually  wore aprons. So, one of you wisecrackers who read my bra story suggested that I endeavor to collect 1000 bras and put them on display. A suitable title might be ” My cup runneth over”.

Coming up this weekend is the story I promised a few days ago regarding economy fare passengers on planes. It’s called “Last Tango in Toronto”. I couldn’t convince Marlon Brando to take the lead role so I took it myself.

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