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Our new digs. Even has air conditioning.



After enduring several snowstorms, we managed to get moved over the past five days. It was certainly a challenge but I am mindful that there are lots of very sick people who would love to have only the weather to complain about.

We love our new home. ( see picture above! ). The only complaint I have so far is that people keep bringing us fresh baked goods. Because Betty can’t eat any of it ( gluten issues ), I have the daunting task of eating all of it. Maybe I’ll have a story writing circle one of these days and have you all over for tea.

It only took me about 24 hours to lock myself out of the apartment. Our first visitors were my daughter and granddaughter. Betty was at the dentist and I was unpacking. Betty endured an awful toothache all weekend long during the move.  After the visit, I decided to go back to our old house for another load. I was out in the hallway bidding Betsy and Alison adieu and closed the door behind me with the keys in my jacket pocket in the closet.  Luckily we have a hassock in the hall and last week’s  Quad Counties Extra was by the mailbox so I chilled out.

I had fun writing a new story called “Photographs and Memories”  during the move. We were going through a box ( several boxes ) of old photographs. Our parent’s generation was much more organized than us when it came to photo albums. Our plan is to sift through the pictures and try and get them in albums. Once again, the passage of time continues to shock. You look at baby pictures and wonder where the time went.

One of the paragraphs is about that special drawer that we all have that is the repository for all manner of odds and ends. You know, the one with string, thumb tacks, a few coins, duct tape and a half consumed package of stale cough drops.  I could write an entire story about this and I bet that you could too.

Coming up soon is the story about a young couple from Cape Breton who travelled to Arizona on their honeymoon some fifty years ago. The story is called “Honeymoon Heat.” Get your minds out of the gutter… that’s not the heat I’m referring to! I recently travelled through Arizona and the climate at this time of the year is wonderful but in the summer, it can be brutally hot.  This story will also appear in an upcoming edition of The Casket in the bridal section .

Not everyone is a sports fan, particularly football but for shear excitement, the Super Bowl last weekend was remarkable. Sports always delivers the unexpected and this game was no exception. Sorry to you Katie Perry fans but I just don’t get her and her brand of entertainment.

Have a great weekend.

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2 Responses to Thursday Tidbits

  1. Anna Mac Donald says:

    I like the look of your new place!Were you able to get all your furniture in ?

  2. Diane Roberts says:

    Does the other side have a window or door?
    Ha Ha…Priceless

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