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Her glasses match the sign

( printed with permission )


Isn’t this simply the best sign …ever? I bumped into D.T. yesterday and she was toting this sign around with her. It seems like every other post on Facebook has someone holding a glass of wine or talking about having a glass of wine. By the way, for you other boring teetotalers like me, there is a very good non-alcoholic wine that you can get at the grocery store. It’s called Carl Jung. In case you think Carl was/is a vintner, think again. Mr. Jung was a noted psychiatrist and psychotherapist who developed, among other things, the notion of “the collective unconscious.” Stands to reason that a brand of wine would be named after him.

I noticed that it snowed somewhere in Florida the other day . Can you imagine the depths of despair you would be feeling , to finally escape the icy death grip of winter only to find snow on the beach at your resort? I would be quickly hurtling the bottles of Carl Jung into the garbage and going looking for something much stronger like a Sigmund Freud Merlot. ( there’s no such thing so don’t bother Googling it ) . Or paying a visit to old Sig who is known as the father of psychoanalysis.

There. Glad I got all that off my chest.

As most of you know, my long suffering wife edits most of my work with the exception of Monday Morning Musings and Thursday Tidbits. She takes what I have and polishes it up making it fit for human consumption. Occasionally she changes a word here or there and sometimes entire paragraphs ( see “Heat Wave” ). I did a story the other day about the challenging weather we’ve been having. She changed the ending and the title so for those of you waiting to see “Littering The Ice”, the new ( and much improved! ) title will be “ Don’t Rain ( or Snow or Hail ) On My Parade.” I love what she did and I think that this will be one of my favorites. ( Book # 3 material? )

I was chatting with a rabid Montreal Canadiens fan the other day. One thing led to another and I told him about a train trip to Montreal to see a game back in 1971. Hands up. How many of you took a train trip from Antigonish to Montreal or Toronto to see a hockey game? Thought so. Follow up question. How many of you got off the train in Truro for the station stop and picked up additional fuel at the NSLC just a few paces down the platform? Thought so. Oh my, but those trips were so much fun. The trip to which I refer was memorable for two reasons: we encountered “the storm of the century” and Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Sinclair were married the day we arrived in Montreal. The story is called “Whether The Weather.” Not sure what it will be called when Betty gets through with it.

And, no, I haven’t had a senior’s moment. I will be publishing the story “When I’m 64” soon. It’s about aging and memory loss… among other things.

Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead this weekend.

And have a great day.

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