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Dad Missouri river 2

The Gorge – Columbia River , Washington State

( Peter MacDonald photo )



Last weekend, a member of my extended family ( in laws by marriage ) was lamenting about computer woes. Those of you who know me well and regularly read my material, know that I have a love/hate relationship with technology, especially computers. If you want a primer on how I really feel, go to the search bar on my home page and enter the following: ctrl.alt.del. While I was expressing sympathies with my sister in law, I mentioned an incident that happened last week at a hotel in Windsor. The story has been penned and it’s called “401 Frenzy.” The 401, refers to highway 401 in Ontario. I plan to publish this next week…. if I don’t have computer problems!

Sorry if I misled you earlier in the week. I had all the intentions of publishing the story “Les is More” about my visit to a rehab facility in Kingston, Ontario.  Alas, life got in the way and there were too many things going on this past Monday ( birthday party, babysitting etc. ) so I couldn’t get everything together for Tuesday. Hope to post this on the weekend or next week. Stay tuned.

If you are over the age of 50, and grew up in Antigonish,  there is a very good chance that you knew Peggy “A.B.”  No offence to my mother , my wife or any other people who make pies, but Peggy made the best pies in the universe. Hands down. No debate. Correct?

Peggy lived the last years of her life at the Antigonish Manor and I don’t think anyone would dispute the notion that she was the “unofficial mayor of the Manor.” I got to know Peggy over the years,  once she discovered that I played guitar and could sing some of the old war era tunes. Every so often, Peggy would call me up and the conversation would go something like this: “ P.D. ( my dad’s name ). Three of the residents are having a birthday this Saturday and I was wondering if you would come over to sing a few songs?” There was no “wondering.” Peggy wasn’t really asking. It was more of a command. Peggy didn’t take “no” for an answer very often.

My reward, invariably, was a freshly baked pie. Well, back in 2004, I ran ( unsuccessfully, much to the utter joy of my better half! ) for Mayor of Antigonish. Knowing that Peggy wielded a great deal of influence over many seniors, I figured that a visit to Peggy was mandatory. I’m not talking about a knock at the door and handing out some meaningless brochure. No. This was a scheduled appointment. I can’t tell you much more without spoiling the story but there was a cat involved. To this day, whenever I think about what happened, a wide grin creases my face. I’ve titled the story “ Cat Astrophe.” My  editor might have something to say about it. This story will be published next Wednesday on my website and in The Casket.

I’m off to the  Satlscapes Expo tomorrow. If you live in Metro or happen to be traveling to this wonderful event, please drop by and say hello. I will be sharing space with the Antigonish Visitor Information Center.

Have a great weekend.

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