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A tip of the hat from Week45



I guess it’s safe to say that I am not an introvert. I like trying new things and am always interested in what other people are doing. It is not uncommon for musicians to have merchandise to sell so with that in mind, I am launching a line of Week45 products starting with quality embroidered hats ( pictured above and below ) made by the good folks at Ross Screenprint. I am a baseball hat kind of person and I know people that actually collect hats. I have a men’s and women’s version of the hat and I’m selling them for $20. ( no tax ). Let me know if you’re interested in acquiring one and I’ll get it to you.

Holy smokes. I’m not sure what generated more interest in the past few days: parachuting cows or my afro. We’ll call it a draw. I expect that the sign at Exit 33, coming from the East, will be cluttered with sightseers who have to see with their own eyes, the two cows suspended from parachutes on a DOT sign. As some of you know, a friend contacted the DOT and they are acutely aware of the sign. They believe it is the work of some mischievous students. They aren’t going to cover over the sign as they plan to erect new ones ,once the development at Beech Hill is completed. It will certainly keep tourists scratching their heads.

And, of course, it gave me an easy story to write called “ And Pigs Fly.” It’s the story of two elderly travellers from the U.S. who pull off exit 33 after a long day touring the Cabot Trail. They both see the sign but neither of them wants to vocalize the fact that they’ve seen a sign with parachuting cows. Initially they think it is fatigue and age playing a trick on their eyes. See how the drama unfolds ( like a parachute! ) sometime in the next week. I love when these stories just fall into my lap.

Ok. The afro. Many of you seemed stupefied, bordering on incredulous , when you saw my grad photo from St.F.X. Long hair was the norm back in the early 70’s. Boy, could I write an epic story of those days including the student strike in the spring of 1971. That was a very exciting time to be a student. Over the years, I’ve trotted out that picture and it always gets a reaction. I wouldn’t mind having a bit of that hair back today. I wrote a story about the afro a few years back. If you’re new to Week45, all my stories are archived. Here’s the link to that story:

On the weekend, I will be publishing a story called “Class Act.” This is timely will the opening of school just around the corner. The start of a new school year always coincides with the Eastern Nova Scotia Exhibition. I’m wondering if it’s possible to start school in light of the fact that the ENSE has been cancelled this year. Enterprising students could probably lobby for an indefinite postponement of school until the Exhibition returns.

Almost done. Book # 3 is well underway. We were out doing a photo shoot for the cover last evening. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Jean Pearcey will once again be designing the cover and my son, Peter will be doing the photography. I also have a 4th. book in the concept phase right now. It will be completely different from the other three books. I’ll fill you in once I know it’s a go.

Have a great week.

P.S. Don’t forget to count your blessings.



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