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Greasers! When was the last time you used that word that was oh so common back in the 60’s? It hadn’t entered my consciousness ( like a lot of other things these days! ) until yesterday. I was walking through town when a car roared by. A young kid with a mullet, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and a very loud “muscle car” drove, nay sped, up Church Street. It was almost like a chase scene from “Bullitt” with Steve MacQueen flying through the streets of San Francisco. Of course the dual mufflers had holes in them… for effect, I’m quite certain. I don’t know why, but the word “greaser” not only flashed across my cerebrum but the actual word came out of my mouth.

There. Glad to get that off my chest.

A good friend of mine recently lost her husband to cancer and her dog died three weeks after that. It sounds like a bad country and western song. I am not making light of her double tragedy. She has a great sense of humour among her many strong character traits. To make matters worse she lives quite a ways from town. She and her late husband always traveled together so much so that she rarely drove during the course of their marriage. In her words “ I gave up my driver’s license for a marriage license.”

She decided that she needed to take a road trip in September to re-establish her independence and relax and unwind a bit. Well, her car broke down… on the Labour Day weekend on the 401 outside of Toronto. What happened over the next 10 or so days couldn’t possibly be made up unless you were a Hollywood screen writer. Coming soon, “Judy’s Joyride” is the story of a strong woman who took adversity, gave it a good shake, laughed and managed to get through a string of car woes.

I am also putting the finishing touches on “Hidden Gems” which is the story of a rural country doctor and his wife who moved to a small community in the Cape Breton Highlands and ended up staying there for their entire married lives. They are two of the only people I know who uttered these words, “ we stayed because of the winters.” They were absolutely delighted with the 17 feet of snow that fell in the Highlands last winter. They are a delightful couple and I think you will enjoy hearing their story.

Thankfully, the Federal election will be over next Monday. I was one of the 3.6 million people who voted in the advance poll. Please get out and vote next Monday, regardless of your political persuasion.

As the poster above indicates, I will be doing the first of three book launches on Saturday, October 24th. at 2:00 at the Cyril Ward Library in Guysborough. The second will be in Florida in early November and my Antigonish launch is Saturday , December 5th. at the library. Hope you can make one of them. My new book will be available at the 5 to $1.00 at the end of the month. If you want to save yourself 15% tax, you can buy them directly from me.

Have a great weekend.

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