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First Kiss


“Just one kiss from your sweet lips,

Will tell me that your love is real,

And I can feel that it’s true,

We will vow to one another,

There will never be another,

Love for you or for me.”

Young Love – Sonny James


The best thing I ever did was get an education degree. One can’t have enough tools in the tool kit as I often opine to anyone who cares to listen. I actually don’t own a real tool kit. If you knew me well, you would understand why. I don’t own any power tools and certainly never entertained the thought of wielding a chain saw. You get the picture. I can write 1000 words but don’t ask me to hang a picture or fix anything.

Some of you know that I started my official work career as a teacher back in 1976 when I ventured out to the Peace River country in Alberta. I taught for three years before returning to Nova Scotia. There were no teaching jobs to be had in my home town and my career took a U-turn. I ended up in the non-profit sector for 13 years and bookended my career as a financial planner.

In 2019,after 4 years of retirement, I decided to dust off my education degree and spent the better part of three years teaching in Northern Quebec.

These days, I am substitute teaching which I happen to love. Most of my subbing is at the local junior school which means that I have a steady diet of 10–14-year-olds. I find this work satisfying and my hope is that being around young people will keep me young. “Don’t let the old man in”. (See last week’s WWW)

Of course, at a junior school, one sees the first signs of budding romances with this age group.

Do you remember your first love? Unless your gray matter is past its due date, you surely remember. And I would be shocked if you didn’t remember your first kiss.

I’m going to go out on a limb here but I’m guessing that if you polled 1000 women and 1000 men and asked them to recount their first kiss, the results would be dramatically different. Most of the guys would say that it was a truly magical moment. It was like the fireworks on Canada Day. Heart pounding with anticipation and then the execution of the kiss, carried the young male somewhere near cloud 9 as he walked home as if in a dream. It might have been the best moment of his life other than the hat trick he scored at his last hockey game.

Now, I haven’t done exhaustive research on those poor, unsuspecting women who endured their first kiss, but I feel certain that their experience with “first kiss” was vastly different. Having a pimply faced, slobbering boy, attempting to lock lips was as tempting as a bout of dengue fever. I believe that “endured” is the most apt description. A first kiss was to be tolerated and not necessarily a thrill.

“Young love (young love), first love (first love),

Filled with true devotion,

Young love (young love), our love (Our love),

We share with deep emotion.”

Prime time for kissing occurs during the courting stage of a relationship and reaches its zenith upon marriage.

And then children arrive.

The flame begins to flicker as sleep becomes far more important than romance.

Try asking your partner for a kiss while they are cradling a colicky infant. You might get a smack but it won’t be on the lips.

Some day there will be a last kiss.

I have been a big fan of the word kiss for most of my working life and it has nothing to do with love or passion.

Keep It Simple Stupid.

Have a great weekend.


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