Why I Love Antigonish

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Bonfires on the Beach


We’re not perfect.

We still have poverty right in our back yard. We don’t have enough affordable housing. We grapple with income inequality.

On the other hand, we are a caring lot. When the going gets tough, we roll up our sleeves . We help those you can’t help themselves. We possess goodwill in abundance.

We are extremely lucky to have a University and a Regional hospital to anchor our economy and supply us with stable work.

We are blessed with natural beauty. Our air and water are clean. We have pristine beaches and wonderful hiking trails.

We’re not perfect but we are getting better at accepting those who practice different religions, have different customs, and speak different languages. We acknowledge that we are all immigrants, with the exception of our First Nations people.

We are becoming more accepting of people with different sexual orientations;  a work in progress.

We have a spirit of generosity that is unparalleled. Any worthy cause is supported with time and money.

We are not perfect.

We are blessed with many young couples who have chosen to stay here, raise families and operate businesses. Oh yes. They always seem to be among the first to volunteer when assistance is required for some worthy purpose.

We are a community that oozes culture.

 We have The Park Bench Players.

 We are blessed with world class artists, musicians, dancers , actors and  writers. We love our sports and are good sports. We have it all.

We’re not perfect but there is nowhere else I’d rather call home.


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