Woman on the Move

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Darlene Rushton


Two artificial hips occasionally cause a stir at airport scanners. Her body may be breaking down but she refuses to let it take her down.

Meet Darlene Rushton.

Darlene was born in Oxford, Nova Scotia and spent most of her working life in Ontario before moving to Antigonish in 1990. She immediately rolled up her sleeves and got involved, which is hardly surprising as she is a self -starter and one of the most gregarious people you’d ever want to meet.  Volunteer organizations don’t go looking for her.  When she sees a need, she just steps in.

She loves music and sang in the St. Ninian’s senior choir for many years. She’s apt to bust out a tune at a moment’s notice … anywhere, anytime.

Her passion is cooking. She cooks for herself and for lots of worthy causes.  The “pattie lady” is legendary in the community.  “Cooking is good therapy.  It is good for my head and good for my arthritic hands.”

She wears her heart on her sleeve and a ribbon over her heart. The Kente cloth is worn in February during African Heritage Month.  Ask her what it means when you bump into her on “The Main.”

Darlene has become an early riser out of necessity. A flock of about 300 noisy crows, perched in trees outside her residence, provide an unwelcome wake-up call every morning around five.

Asked how she would like to be remembered she says “I’m a woman on the move.”

Darlene is a doer and our community is better for it. Her specialty – large servings of generosity.

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