Faces in the Crowd – A Heart of Gold

Posted on January 13, 2016 under Faces in the Crowd with 3 comments

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His mother had a heart of gold. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Meet Bill Ryan.

Bill and his ten brothers grew up in Canso. He travelled to different parts of Canada working in the steel fabrication business. He retired and has been living in Antigonish for the past dozen or so years.

He had no children of his own but calls the thousand or so students that he guides through the crosswalk every day his family. And oh, by the way, he knows every single one of them by their first name. His kindness and joie de vivre are something to behold. And he waves at every car that passes.

Why does Bill always have a smile on his face? He is at peace with himself. He has discovered the body, mind, spirit balance. He finds comfort in his church.

Simply put, Bill is just a great guy. Wave to him when you see him.

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