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Soccer players

Future World Cup players?



Our Canadian women’s soccer team gave it a valiant effort but fell short on the weekend at the World Cup. Women’s soccer, in particular, has grown by leaps and bounds in Canada.  A live crowd of close to 55,000 people watched the game and millions more were glued to their televisions. While Canada is a hockey mad country, soccer appears to be taking over in terms of participation. The picture above will attest to that.

From World Cup to world problems. The world appears to have gone mad. You know me well. My mission is to entertain and not get too political or weigh in on the big problems besetting the world but man, what a mess. We can’t seem to get through a day without news of people destroying each other. A cynic might say ( rightfully ), that this has been going on forever and that the media just does this to attract viewers but the acts seem more random and more violent.

I am continuing to gather information on Frank McGibbon in the lead up to the story that I will publish during Highland Games week. Most of us knew Frank as a coach and the first true “recreation director” for the Town of Antigonish. Frank often appeared gruff but as many have said, his bark was worse than his bite. What most of us never knew was Frank as a family man. He lived with his brother’s family for many years. When I asked his niece, Patty what she thought about when remembering Frank she was quick to acknowledge his “profound kindness” to the McGibbon children. As I continue to do my homework, I am realizing that Frank was truly an amazing person. My challenge is going to try to distill all of the information I have gathered into a worthy story. Someone should write a book about him.

There are obviously some guitar players out there. “Striking a Chord” seemed to, well, strike a chord with several of you who have also played the guitar for a long time. The great thing about a guitar is its portability. I have a small Martin travel guitar that I take when I’m flying.

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting with three wonderful women who spent their lives raising large families and doing service to their community. We had tea and warm blueberry muffins as I gathered up some history on the Opportunity Shop. I know a little bit about this business , tucked into a corner just off the Main but I had no idea how the work it does, benefits so many people. I plan to do a story about the “Op Shop” in the coming weeks.

We launched the first Art Fair of our second season last Friday. The good news is that it didn’t rain. The bad news is that it nearly snowed. Only joking… sort of. Despite the chilly temperatures, we still managed to draw a crowd of about 500 people. I, for one, was very happy to see all the vendors of ethnic food. They were doing a brisk business dishing out delicious ( and in some cases, hot and spicy! ) food. We had 35 artists and an expanded Children’s corner. The next show is Friday, July 10th. at Chisholm Park. This is Highland Games week and we should have a large crowd and a great show.

Have a great week.

P.S. Remind me to never drive in Montreal ever again. Drove up on the weekend to pick up our granddaughter. The road construction is just ridiculous. It is always a nightmare and all the helpful signage is in French.

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