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Alison 1st. fish

The ” I just caught my first fish” look.


What is the very best way to rediscover your lost youth? Take your grandchild fishing for the first time. I once was a pretty avid fisherman and took my own children fishing in some of the local streams and rivers. I spent many, many peaceful mornings wading through the South River at 5:00 a.m. But like a lot of other things, a person’s interests change and several years ago, I got rid of all my fishing gear.

So, it was with some surprise when Betty arrived home a few weekends ago from “yard sailing” with two fishing rods in hand. “ Why did you buy those?” Not the first stupid question I’ve ever uttered. “ You are going to teach the grandchildren how to fish this summer.” She spent a grand total of $7.00 for a small child’s rod and one regulation size. No hooks, leaders, sinkers, bobbers or flys. Just two rods that looked like they hadn’t been used since Sputnik.

So when I got the call on the weekend to take Alison fishing, I waltzed up to Brendan’s ( it’s called Hawthorn Convenience but it will always be Brendan’s! ) and bought a small container of the basics. The license cost three times as much as the fishing rods. Keitha, along with Linda , who have been stalwarts at the store forever, filled in the license. “ What is your address. Date of Birth? Waist size?” She had her head down when she asked the last question.  I wondered aloud why Dept. of Fisheries would be remotely interested in my girth. And just like any sucker, I took the bait…hook, line and sinker. I blurted out 34 as she stifled a grin. I’d been had. She also told me ( and this was no joke ), that when I turn 65, the price of a fishing license will drop to $6.00 and change.

Ah, yes. I am starting to think about Senior’s Discounts. In Florida where tourism is their #1 industry, a senior is basically defined as anyone who can fog a mirror. If you look like you have your beginner’s license, they are still likely to give you a senior’s discount. Nowhere am I looking more forward to this than the barber shop. Please… stifle the snickers. I know what you’re thinking. “What is that crazy bastard doing wasting a penny at a barber shop?” I go for the camaraderie and always pick up a few story ideas.

I have a very interesting Faces in the Crowd story this Thursday. The subject is not from Antigonish but his story is quite remarkable.

Have a great week.

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