Monday Morning Musings

Posted on September 25, 2017 under Monday Morning Musings with 2 comments


The leaves are changing colors, the mornings are quite cool,

Summer is behind us, the kids are back at school.

The pumpkins are ripening, the apples turning red,

It’s time to add the comforter, to keep toes warm in bed.

You split the wood and stack it, and occasionally get a splinter,

“A small price to pay “ they say, for the warmth in the coming winter.

The days are getting shorter, although the ground’s still soft,

The spuds are in the cellar, the hay is in the loft.

A trip around the Cabot Trail, is always something sweet,

Especially during Celtic Colors ,where the music can’t be beat.

The cedar chest is open, to put away summer clothes,

“ Where did the time go?” , no one seems to know.

The university’s in session, our population swells,

“How will October quizzes go?”  only time will tell.

The days will fly by, Mother Nature will change the scene,

And before you can say “trick or treat”, it will be Halloween.

These are just a few simple thoughts, and that’s not all,

I just checked the calendar and realized it’s Fall.




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2 Responses to Monday Morning Musings

  1. Greg Albert says:

    Lovely colours in the fall.But I just hate the thought of the cold weather and the snow.But I guess a person has to grin and bear it.Have a good week Len.


  2. Marian Draper says:

    Loved it!

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