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An X – cellent weekend


After a week when the province set record warm temperatures, Fall crept through the back door on the weekend. Cool days and cooler nights have taken their rightful place center stage. Turtleneck shirts, jackets and even gloves have made an appearance. Slippers have been resurrected and sweaters are back in vogue.

Speaking of sweaters. Hanging out with old friends is akin to slipping on that old cardigan sweater t. It’s warm, comfortable and easily recognizable. The moment you slip it on in the Fall, it feels right and evokes many fond memories.

Homecoming 2017 at my alma mater, ST.F.X, wrapped up yesterday. There was a time when I didn’t care much for reunions but age has a way of making a person aware that friendships from any stage in one’s life, are very important and cherished. Even though it wasn’t a special year for me ( next year will be my 45th ), I attended some events. Surprisingly , I have a much stronger affinity for the Class of 1982 than I do for my own of 1973.

I spent a couple of years in the employ of St.F.X  in the early 80’s where I came in contact with a group of exceptional people. I’m still not sure how it happened, but I ended up singing in the Chapel choir and there met some wonderful folks who became lifelong friends. Part of this Homecoming was a reunion of that choir and we spent a wonderful afternoon last Thursday reminiscing and singing. We also had a specific purpose for getting together; to launch the Raylene Rankin Endowment Fund. Yes. That Raylene. She was one of the several spectacular female voices in that choir.

I became very good friends with Raylene and for a while, I sang in a trio with her, myself and Conrad Edwards. When the Rankin Family made it big, I often joked with Raylene that she got her big break singing with Byrne Abbey!

A donation to the fund created to honor Raylene will assist the music ministry at the university chapel. If you would like to make a donation, please follow this link:

I had some wonderful chats and even had a chance to take some X friends to Peace by Chocolate to meet Tareq Hadhad. Tareq certainly has “ star power” with all the exposure he has received since coming to Canada. He is such a likeable, humble guy and he is so accommodating to the endless requests he receives on a daily basis.

To my friends from the Class of ’82, I say: “ Will ye no come back again?”

The only part of the weekend that was distressing ( besides the heart breaking last minute loss by the football team ) was the partying in evidence by young students. Full disclosure. I was one of those students many moons ago but our celebrations were mild in comparison to what we witnessed on the weekend. Neighborhood parties in the town have become all the rage in recent years and Homecoming weekend is the big one. In our neighborhood, the partying started early in the morning. By noon, hundreds and hundreds of extremely intoxicated students were staggering around ( many of them in the middle of town streets, unaware of vehicles )  and the noise level was off the charts. This scene was being played out in several places throughout the town.  The sound of ambulance sirens became all too familiar as the day wore on. I can only imagine what it must have been like at Outpatients. I was told by security officers at the university that part of the problem is that many of the students flooding the town, are not from  St.F.X . Apparently, Homecoming at X is an excuse for people far and wide to come here and drink themselves into oblivion. Hopefully, it will not take a death before community and university officials find a way to curb this insanity.

I note the passing of my good friend, Chuck Curry. I knew Chuck for over 50 years. He was living proof that one person can make a difference. I was so blessed to spend an hour and a half reminiscing with him shortly before he passed away last week. Even facing adversity, his well known wit was on full display. Chuck was one of the good guys.

Cherish  your friends. It’s a short ride.

Have a great week.

P.S.  While he’s not a personal old friend, he sure makes you feel that way… just like an old pair of slippers.  Valdy put on a show yesterday in St.Andrew’s that was filled with warmth and wit . He is a joyous troubadour and an extraordinary story teller.



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