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Another tequila sunrise

I know that some of you aren’t Facebook people and probably did not see this picture that I posted a few days ago. If you can get out of bed early enough, there are some spectacular sights including some amazing sunrises.

I received a lovely call on the weekend from Fran in Guysborough. She was calling to chat about the story “Mass Appeal” that appeared on my website and in The Casket  last week. It brought back a lot of memories for her growing up in a family of sixteen. She, too, was raised Catholic and went through some of the same pre-mass rituals including polishing 16 pairs of shoes. Some of you will remember the “It” white shoe polish. If you do, I know how old you are! She sounds like a natural born story teller and we chatted for quite some time. Near the end of the conversation she told me a story about her experience trying chewing tobacco. I had one of my own. Notice that I said one. If you have ever swallowed chewing tobacco juice, you will readily understand why I only tried it once. When I got off the phone, I rushed to my computer and whipped up 1000 words on this subject. The story is called ” The Spitting Image” and I will be posting it soon.

I mentioned to Fran about the Senior’s Café coming up February 5th. at the People’s Place library. It is the “Phil and Len Show” reincarnated. If you’re not working and want to come in for some story telling and treats, please come by the library at 2:00 on the 5th.

Tomorrow, I will be posting the story “A Splash of Inspiration.” I do some of my best thinking in the shower. How about you? When or where do you get flashes of inspiration?

And if you happened to miss it, just go to my website and go to the search box and enter “Laundry Quandry.” This story easily received the most comments of any story I’ve posted in months.

I still am brooding ( not really – I don’t do brooding very well! ) about the ticket I got for cell phone use while driving. I read and re-read the Motor Vehicle Act and the definition of “usage” is very vague. To reiterate, I was not texting, e-mailing or talking on my cell phone. I glanced at the screen to check a message. That qualifies as “usage.” With my tail between my legs, I dutifully went over to the Provincial Court building and paid my $169. fine. And speaking of tails, I used the opportunity to exorcise this event by writing a story about this event. It is called “Driven to Distraction” and I will be posting this soon as well. A dog plays the leading role.

On a more sombre note, I attended the funeral for Melissa Landry on the weekend. More than 1000 people were in attendance and it was a beautiful, moving ceremony. I had the privilege of singing for the funeral with the Cathedral choir. Rest in peace, Melissa.

Have a great week and count your many blessings.

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