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It took some time, but I have eradicated the apartment of Halloween candy.


I have posted close to 1000 stories on my website. Most of them are light hearted but occasionally I’ll wade into shark infested waters and comment on some controversial subject or wax philosophical. While I take my writing seriously, I try not to take myself too seriously. Most stories generate a handful of comments, private e-mails and “likes” on Facebook. Once in a while, I’ll hit one out of the park and I’ll get tons of feedback which I always find entertaining.

So when I posted a harmless picture of 5 mini Coffee Crisp chocolate bars on Facebook, the remnants of Halloween, I was astonished at the reaction. I can’t remember the last time that a picture, accompanied by two sentences, received so much attention. My guess is that we’re all worn out with bad news and any story about chocolate is a good news story. For those of you who choose not to engage with social media, I was expounding on the merits of a breakfast comprised of coffee followed by 5 mini Coffee Crisp chocolate bars.

I think we all had a good laugh which is good for the soul. Someone mentioned that these same chocolate bars were on sale the day after at a 50% discount. Yes, one could purchase 100 of these delectable morsels for the low, low price of $4.44 or about 4 cents each. Now the temptation is to go out and load up on these treats but there’s a trick buried amidst this buying bonanza. Apparently one can freeze these bars so the theory suggests that you buy several boxes and freeze them until next October 31st. I can assure you, and I suspect I’m not alone, that if I bought even one box and put them in the freezer, they would not survive until Remembrance Day in six days’ time. I see you nodding. So much for a deal!

Do you have a story to tell? Surely you must be tired of my writing by now. You might like to hear a story from someone else. Hell, you might even want to see one of your own stories published right here at Week45. Coming soon, “Guest of Honor” where my readers will have the opportunity to have one of their stories published. Send me your story (500 words or so- preferably a Word document). Keep it clean and non- political. Send me a picture of yourself or something to go along with your story. I retain the right to edit. Bring it on.

Once again, those of you not on Facebook can ignore this next paragraph. A few weeks ago on my morning walk, I was humming a tune. I had my phone with me, recorded one minute of the song and posted it on Facebook. People must be awfully bored because they reacted and I received a lot of feedback. So, I did it again and again. Until Facebook shuts me down or until all 2100 FB followers unfriend me, I’ll keep this going for a while, mostly on the weekends. Have a song that’s on your “must hear” list? Send it along.

I close on a very sad note. David Miller, former owner of McDonald’s restaurants in Antigonish and Port Hawkesbury, passed away last week. David and his wife, Aida, came to our community thirty years ago and immediately made an impact on our town. They both have worked tirelessly to promote the arts in Antigonish. David’s energy and vision will be sorely missed. In case you missed it, I reposted a story about David that I wrote in 2014.

Have a great week.

P.S. Chatting with a 96 year old friend the other day, I asked him how he was doing. “The first 100 years are the hardest,” was his reply!

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