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Wakem Bay

What is the first thing you’ll do when the pandemic ends?

A better question might be, when will the pandemic end?

It has been a long, hard grind for all of us. Just a little over a year ago, our world was turned upside down. Almost every single person in the world was impacted in some way, shape or form. Sadly, many people succumbed to Covid-19, many became “long haul survivors, and the rest of us have mostly been inconvenienced. But we can see daylight on the horizon and surely there will be a day when we can return to our normal routines.

I’m still a CBC junkie. I get little snippets of CBC radio through our local FM station but not nearly enough. I start pretty well every day watching Heather Hiscox anchor the CBC morning show. CBC has a tremendous stable of talented anchors and reporters and Hiscox is one of my favourites. Ian “handsome man thing” is a close second!

CBC is starting to compile comments from ordinary joes like you and I about what we’ll do when this madness ends. I suppose the WHO will issue a formal declaration some day in the future announcing the slaying of the beast.

I must admit that I haven’t had it nearly as bad as many of you. I have been able to carry on life quite normally in the north. Yes, wearing a mask 8 hours a day is tedious but pales in comparison to the discomfort felt by people in the medical fraternity who are treating Covid-19 patients. Seeing the images of doctors and nurses gearing up for work each day makes one feel claustrophobic… and grateful for everything they do.

So,tell me, dear readers, what is the first thing that you plan to do when it is apparent that the coast is clear? Here is your chance, anonymously of course, to tell us your plans. I will happily publish a list of the activities in a future post if you would care to send along your thoughts on this matter.

I would be surprised if  a reunion with family members won’t be be at the top of most people’s list. I would love to catch up with my children and grandchildren and go out for a really nice dinner. Ditto for my siblings. A feed of lobsters at the cottage in Bayfield, washed down with a cold Keiths and a rousing rendition of “Oceanside Again” would be divine. Our families are our rocks and while we have been able to stay connected with Zoom and other social media tools, it is clearly not the same thing as being able to share hugs and kisses with the ones we love.

I would love to resume travelling. There is still a lot of the world I would like to see, and one more go at the Camino would be a dream come true.

How about you?

In preparation for income tax, I always have to do an inventory of my books. I was very pleased to find out that my books are still selling very well in my hometown. My latest book about my walk around the Cabot Trail has sold out at the 5 to $1.00 but there will be more copies on the shelf come Monday. Many thanks to my good friend YV who is looking after this for me.

I am a little bit leery about this next part because it may come across as arrogance or shameless self- promotion. My favourite writer at the Chronicle Herald, John Demont did a story recently about retirees who reinvent themselves. He interviewed me as part of the piece.

Have a great week.


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