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Let There Be Dirt



There is a god and she is merciful.  She blessed us with two absolutely stunning days on Friday and Saturday to launch the Victoria Day weekend.  It was so awesome to drive past Whidden’s Campground and smell the campfires burning in the pits.  Driving around town , you could just feel the exuberance that warm temperatures and sunshine can bring. The liquor store appeared to be doing a brisk business! And the gardeners were out in force.  Long weekends are life giving…. especially when the weather cooperates.

As some of you know, I am now writing a weekly column for the new publication, The Cape Breton Star. The first three stories have been published.  Many of these will be the same ones I have on my website but from time to time, I am going to try and write pieces that have a Cape Breton flavor.  On the weekend I was inspired to write such a piece.  I used to play a lot of golf and my absolute favorite course ( and I’ve played hundreds of them in different countries ), is the Cape Breton Highland Links in Ingonish. A lot of people , from what was once known as Industrial Cape Breton, used to go there in throngs.  In recent years, the powers that be, have jacked up the price of green fees and memberships and the course is now out of the reach of a lot of people.  I digress. This story, called “Mind Games” is about the first hole.  If you are a golfer, you could probably write the story. Even if you’re a non golfer, I think you would like it. I will post it on the Week45 website if there’s enough interest.

I also wrote a new story called “ A Love of Labor”… a twist on the more common phrase, a labor of love. Lots of people are passionate about things like gardening, quilting, carpentry and pets.  All of these would qualify as labors of love. The genesis of this story was talking to some folks recently. One of them came from a family of 13 kids and the other 14.  I have witnessed labor and delivery four times.  I’m trying to get my head around a woman doing this 14 times. Surely this is a “love of labor.”

If you hear that I have disappeared off the face of the earth, here’s a heads up on why this could happen.  I believe The Casket is going to publish an opinion piece this week penned by yours truly.  And it will be controversial.  It is my reaction to a couple of stories that I read in the local paper recently about the cooperation between the town and the county.  My story is in response to these pieces and the recently published Ivany report.  My opinion is nothing new.  I ran for mayor 10 years ago on this very platform.  I won’t be publishing it here at Week45.  It’s been nice knowing you!

Have a great week.



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