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The 6th. green at Antigonish Golf Club



I took this picture from behind the 6th. green at the Antigonish Golf and Country Club last Friday. For you locals, that’s Casey’s barn off in the distance. I was playing in the Chamber of Commerce golf tournament, a fundraiser , with our company, Success’N Planning , as the major sponsor. I have to admit that the camera shot was the only good shot I took all day. I would like to blame the cold weather and my bad back for my ineptitude but I was simply not very good. But it didn’t spoil my day , one iota.

Actually, I got an idea for a story , once I thawed out. Are you one of those lucky people who win 50/50’s and door prizes?  Neither am I. You will be surprised then when you learn about the door prize I won at the golf tournament. I chronicled the events of the day in a story called “ Chamber of Horrors.” It will appear on my website soon.

I couldn’t help notice all the pictures on Facebook of the Sole Sisters run that was held in Halifax on the weekend. This was a “women’s only” event. It seems that just about every post I read had the word “wine” in it. My question: did all these women go to run or to drink wine? The answer is probably yes and yes. I found it quite disturbing to see all the pictures in the finish area with the ladies getting mug shots with young, hot looking firemen. Have you no shame?!  I salute all the women who took part in the run.

I heard someone mention that summer is coming. Just wondering if it will happen in Nova Scotia?  There has been a lot of chatter about the long winter and the interminable spring. Lots of people had the furnaces on and the wood stoves cranked up this past week. I haven’t heard many complaints about mosquitoes or black flies. Yet.

Betty and I will be travelling to Montreal in a few weeks time to pick up our granddaughter who will be spending a big chunk of the summer with us. I think Montreal is my favorite city in Canada in which to drive. There is never any road construction. The  detour signage is excellent… usually in French and the drivers are ultra courteous. I love Montreal. My mother was born there. I love being there. But getting there is another thing altogether.

I want to give a shout out to Matt MacDonald who is cycling his way across Canada. Matt is the face behind “We Move This Town.” He is a young, athletic and highly motivated individual. He is a great example of someone who walks the talk. Many of us have been following his trek across the country via the videos he posts every day. It’s a great geography lesson and very inspirational.  He isn’t afraid to tackle anything. In other words, he has no fear of failure. Which reminds me of a quote attributed to Michael Jordan: “ I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

One more shout out to my hair stylist, M.F. ( that’s a lie… obviously! ). Speaking of inspiration, she’s someone who has taken the bull by the horns and is whipping herself into shape. I , for one, am very impressed with Mary’s commitment to fitness and well being.

Have a great week. Do something nice for someone in the week ahead.

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