Music and Storytelling Brought to Your Home

Posted on July 20, 2022 under News & Updates with no comments yet

Music at your doorstep… or cottage


I realize that Covid is not over and many of you are reluctant to go into a crowded venue to hear live music.

Why not have the music come to you along with some storytelling?

Week45 is going on the road. I will come to your kitchen, back deck, patio, camp site, beach or place of work for a session of music and storytelling. I will sing any of your favorites and regale you with some stories from my travels. It will be an acoustic show with no loud electronic equipment to drown out conversations. Of course, I will expect you and your friends to be singing along with me.

The cost for this service is $300 for two hours which would include two short breaks. You can invite 15 friends and ask them for $20 apiece. There will be a small surcharge for gas if you live an hour beyond Antigonish (travelling at normal speeds!).

You can send me a private message or send an e-mail at


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