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Happy Friday!

I’m just back from a massage ( Thanks, Helen ) and feel great heading into the weekend. I was planning on posting a new story this morning but we didn’t have internet service or cable. So, just letting you know that tomorrow morning, there will be a new story on your computer or iphone.  Grab a cup of coffee ( or tea ) ,check out my story and get your caffeine fix without leaving the house.

BTW. The story I did earlier in the week about my views on retirement garnered the highest viewings since I started the blog. I am currently writing an epistle on the education system. Ok, let’s be honest, it’s a bit of a rant but rather than dwell on what’s wrong with the system and point fingers, I humbly offer some ideas. Some of you may know that in a previous life I was a school teacher, a principal and also sat on the School Board. Most importantly, we raised and educated four children so I have seen education from many vantage points. SPOILER ALERT…. this is not a funny story. Like many of our institutions ( church, government, health care and education, to name a few ) solutions need to come from the grassroots. Stay tuned and see you in the morning.

P.S. Just had my first visitor on the blog from Qatar.


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