Supporting The Daughters of Mary in India

The Daughters of Mary, a Roman Catholic order of nuns, operate several facilities in the southern state of Tamil Nadu where I am currently volunteering. They run a number of orphanages, a couple of facilities for women with mental illness, an old age home and are supporters of a community of people affected by leprosy. In many cases, they have rescued people from the street who have been abandoned by their families for a variety of reasons.

I am asking you to make an investment in the Sisters. I watch them daily and can tell you that they are the real deal. While I am here, I can guarantee the folks back home that every dollar donated will go directly to the programs run by the Sisters. I have already received some donations which have been used to purchase five wheelchairs and five wheelchair tricycles. In addition to these items, there is need for repairs to the women’s dorm at the old age home ( 30 women occupy one large room ); a vehicle for one of the facilities serving mentally ill women: a few pieces of production equipment at another home housing 100 mentally ill women and repairs to a waste holding tank at the farm that the Sisters own next door to the convent.

I haven’t received all the estimates but the costs will be well over 1,250,000 rupees or $25,000 Canadian. I realize that this is a big ask. I am asking that you reach out to your friends as well from near and far who make have the desire and capacity to give.


Please check my regular posts for updates on how things are going – and thank you all for your support!

  1. Donations can be made in Antigonish, Nova Scotia at the Bergengren Credit Union. Mention Len MacDonald and Invest in India
  2. Donate online via e-transfer to
  3. I will not be able to provide tax receipts – sorry! Given my current location and the timing it is far too complicated to set up

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