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Do they teach “shameless self promotion ” at school? If there were such a course then I should be the first instructor as I again draw your attention to our big fundraiser coming up three weeks from today. The word is starting to get out. The combination of posters, ads in the paper and radio spots is building up awareness for the “Phil and Len” show at the magnificent Schwartz auditorium on September 26th. Grab some friends and come out for an evening of storytelling with all proceeds going to charity.

Thankfully my editor has returned from Montreal and she put the finishing touches on the story called ” Of Vice and Men”. Many of you may have not seen the first promo of this story last Saturday while you were busy stuffing your face with cotton candy at the Fall Fair. This is a story about standing in a lineup waiting for someone who is getting their lottery tickets checked. Doesn’t sound like a complicated plot until you factor in the lineup that continues to build as this person painstakingly goes through ticket by ticket in molasses like fashion. Me and lineups. You will see me revisit this topic on more than one occasion.

The other reason you may not have checked in on Saturday ( shame on you ) is that you may have been getting things ready for the first day of school. I read one post on Facebook that had just a hint of sarcasm that alluded to the fact that today was the first of 195 days to prepare something interesting for your child’s lunch. I suspect that a story, or several for that matter, could be written about this subject.

A colleague at work was recounting a story about a friend’s daughter who was heading off to university in Halifax. That, in and of itself, is hardly worthy of a story. It is what she said next that got my undivided attention. Apparently the apartment that she was moving into had not been cleaned. Is there anything more soul destroying than cleaning someone else’s squalor? Well, if you are an experienced parent, then you know that there is a hierarchy of dirt. Cleaning up your own house or apartment is one matter. Doing it for your children after a “summer sublet” ratchets up the disgust level but the ultimate gross out, is cleaning a perfect stranger’s  ( asshole’s…oops, I mean arsehole’s ) dump. I had to pay homage to filth so I wrote a little piece called “Down and Dirty”. Coming soon.

Hopefully you are all settling back in the groove that is September.

Have a great day.

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