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Have I mentioned the big fundraiser coming up on Sept.26th. at the Schwartz auditorium? Only about 10 times. Two weeks from today is the day and tickets are starting to sell. If you want to make sure you get in, get your tickets early and while you’re at it, invite a few friends to join you. Phil and I are planning on doing a dry run of the program this evening at a senior’s apartment building. Remember…. every penny raised goes to charity. Phil and I have waived our normal exorbitant speaking fee!

Do you like going to yard sales and flea markets? Do you ever buy something that you really don’t need? Do you ever buy more than one of the same items on successive weeks? Do you ever end up selling things you bought at a yard sale at your own yard sale? I have come to the conclusion that you either love yard sales or you don’t. There doesn’t appear to be a grey area on this subject. So, in our house, there is one of us who LOVES yard sales and the other person is me. My better half arrived home recently with more “treasures” and I paused when I saw one particular purchase. I know better by now, not to ask why. It’s like asking “why do you breathe?” I thought it would be much easier for me to explain all of this by writing a story. Coming this Saturday ( yard sale day ) is a brand new story called ” It’s Just a Crock”

Also coming soon is the new story I recently wrote about CJFX radio station and some of the characters who worked behind the microphone in years gone by. It is called “In The Shade of The Chestnut Tree.” You see, the only thing separating our old family home from the radio station was a chestnut tree. Do kids play in chestnut trees or any other trees for that matter, these days? If you are of a certain age, you will remember all of the people in this story.

On a more serious note, someone stopped me the other day and suggested I write a serious piece on people who text and drive. It is a real problem. I’m sure you’ve witnessed this. I think distracted drivers have overtaken drunk drivers as the major threat on our highways and byways.

If there is one of my stories that you think I should read at the fundraiser , let me know. I’ll see if it passes censorship!

Have a great weekend.

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