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Note to self. DO NOT ever write a story about politics again. Ever. In the story, “Playing in the Mud”, I wrote about voter apathy. Well, my hunch is that once people saw the picture of campaign signs at the top of my story, they immediately went somewhere else on Facebook or chose to do the laundry. Really folks, the story wasn’t that bad but only a small number of people read this one. Oh well, live and learn.

The next story, coming Saturday is about pianos and divorce. Have you ever tried to move a piano? Have you ever tried to move a piano in the throes of a divorce? And just how, pray tell, do you equally divide that asset? Does one spouse get to keep the white keys and the other one , the blacks? This is actually a true story with only the slightest hint of embellishment. It’s called “Playing the Same Tune.”

As many of you know, I’m always ranting on and on about wellness. I speak often of the merits of diet and exercise. While I no longer run marathons, I still keep active mainly by walking. So my good friend, Matt MacDonald, or “Matt the Mover” as I like to call him, convinced me to start wearing a pedometer to count the number of steps I take each day. ( I have been averaging around 12,000 ). Like the calendars I use for 30 day challenges, it is another way to make oneself accountable and conscious of their health. My wife noticed me wearing the device, clipped to my belt. And, wait for this, she told me that researchers in Edinburgh , Scotland have just done research with cattle who were hooked up to pedometers. I am not lying. I mean, everyone  is into fitness by the sounds of it. I haven’t written the story yet but the ideas are swishing around in my head like a cow’s tails. I wonder if unfit cows are put out to pasture?

I have just about decided on the title for the book and you’ll be the first to know. My website is being redesigned and I hope to unveil the title and the cover of the book by the beginning of October. I know you are breathlessly waiting.

We’ve got some really good momentum going with ticket sales for the fundraiser next Thursday the 26th.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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