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Well, it’s back to the grind after an incredible week or so on the old rollercoaster that is life.

The fundraiser is over and the money is still coming in: a little over $6200 with more to come. Still hoping to hit $7500. My videographer is currently editing the footage taken at the event and I hope to have clips or even full stories to post on my website in the not too distant future. We are doing another performance in a few weeks time for the Sisters of St. Martha as they were unable to come to our show because of a retreat. We have had several requests to do another show sometime. Maybe we could do a Christmas special. We’ll see.

My book is in the home stretch. The stories have all been chosen and we’re just finalizing the cover picture and a few other house keeping items. Thought I would let you know that the official launch of the book is Thursday, December 5th. at 7:00 p.m. at People’s Place Library. If you would like to pre-order a copy from the original run, please let me know. I plan to do a few readings at the launch and will have books available for sale @ $14.99 . I will be accepting cash, Visa or Mastercard. Great for Christmas presents or the outhouse if you’re still using one. Refreshments will be served.

As mentioned earlier in the week, I have a story coming up called “Mistaken Identities.” The night of our fundraiser, there was another event going on just down the hallway: Sex Toy Bingo. I’m almost certain they don’t play this at the hall in Pomquet. The story centers around two couples and how taking a wrong turn resulted in some confusion.

My brother was home for the funeral last weekend . Did you see my story in The Casket? Some people who read this in other parts of the world and weren’t born here, thought that the name of the paper was part of the humour in the story. The story was, after all “buried” in the back section of The Casket. How good is that! Anyway, my brother was telling me about a race that he took part in many years ago where he finished first in his age group. He was startled by the result being a “middle of the pack” kind of guy. He came clean to me at our 5:15 a.m. coffee get together the other day. Look for the story “Pegged For Success” in the next week or so.

Just asking. Someone commented that my posts are too frequent. Fair or foul?

I’m off to the Georgetown conference in PEI today  and have my 40th homecoming from X this weekend.

And over 3000 views of “Lou’s Last Laugh.” Thanks for your support.

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2 Responses to Thursday Tidbits

  1. Dianne says:

    Len, posts are too Infrequent in my humble opinion!!

  2. Linda MacDonald says:

    Love your posts! Reason to turn on computer daily!

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